The North Face Gotham Jacket III Combines Form With Funcitonality

February is halfway through, and the cold weather refuses to leave. It’s times like these that beg for a vacation to a tropical island, or somewhere to escape the cold. However, for those that don’t have that option, you’ll have to stick to bundling up extra warm. When it comes to fashion, winter can be an incredibly awkward time for men, as I mentioned in one of my previous men’s jacket reviews.

No guy that’s conscious about how he looks when it comes down to garments likes looking like a marshmallow or a fluorescent traffic cone because of a jacket. While the stylish jackets tend to not offer much warmth, the useful ones are generally ugly and puffy. If you’re like me, finding the right jacket can seem like an impossible task. However, there is one jacket that combines best of the two worlds of comfort and style. The North Face Gotham Jacket III is your best bet all things considered. The North Face Gotham Jacket III weighs in at just under three pounds, so you shouldn’t feel weighed-down by this coat. Aside from its main features, you’ll find five pockets outside and one internally for a smartphone. And for all the guys that can also relate with me on this one, thank goodness the faux fur hood is removable.

Jokes aside, The North Face Gotham Jacket III should be considered on all ends. Not only is it reliable, but with what it offers in terms of build and warmth, The North Face Gotham Jacket III is an excellent choice.

The North Face Gotham Jacket III vs. the Gotham II

The newly updated North Face Gotham Jacket III sports a new waterproofing fabric called DryVent, which used to be called HyVent. Not only does this provide breathability throughout the jacket, but its paralleled with a 550-fill goose down ensures maximum warmth. The North Face Gotham Jacket III replaced its predecessor last fall, packing some important and noteworthy upgrades. Here are the key differences:

Outer Fabric

Apparently, The North Face Gotham Jacket III uses a different method of weaving to construct its shell than what was used in the Gotham II. Although it is different (for the better), North Face has yet to disclose what techniques were used.

Zipper/Storm Flap

While the Gotham II had a flap that covered the central zipper all the way up, the North Face Gotham Jacket III stops under the neckline. In terms of comfort, this is an upgrade that should help improve comfortability but may not maximize warmth.


Going from the previous 4 external pockets to the current 5, the North Face Gotham Jacket III adds a small pocket placed right over the left bicep. If you ask me, there doesn’t seem to be much use for a pocket in such a location. But hey, you never know. More space for snacks anyone?

The North Face Gotham Jacket III Features & Benefits

Weather Durability

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As previously stated, The North Face Gotham Jacket III is waterproof yet breathable at the same time. The fabric is also 100% windproof. The new weaving technique, HyVent does an excellent job of keeping out snow and rain, yet somehow manages to keep in body heat. Keep in mind that the cuffs and hems are not waterproof even though the shell is. Basically, you’ll be able to withstand cold weather but maybe not a snowstorm. The storm flap makes it easy to open and close the jacket and conceals the pockets to ensure hand warmth. The ruggedness of The North Face Gotham Jacket III proves great for outdoor or industrial work.

The Utmost Comfort

Not making it a winner by just its looks, The North Face Gotham Jacket III delivers in the area of comfort. While the cuffs may be prone to moisture and dampness, it could also be seen in the positive. I’m sure that most would rather have soft and comfortable cuffs than those that prove hard and scratchy.


The North Face Gotham Jacket III is packed in with 550-fill of down insulation. There is also an adjustable hood with removable fur to add another level of warmth. North Face’s brand was created to represent the coldest, and most unforgiving side of a mountain; The North Face. Their main goal was to craft products that would keep people warm in the most extreme of conditions.


The most important aspect of a jacket for many men is how good it will look on them. North Face has stated that the Gotham III is “Designed for City.” However, this doesn’t mean that it sacrifices warmth for style. You’ll truly find the best of both in the Gotham III. The faux fur hood to most has proved an excellent feature, for both style and warmth, although many don’t prefer such fashion. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you like and what your tastes are.


Unlike many jackets similar to The North Face Gotham Jacket III, it sports pockets that are useful in almost any circumstance. Wallet, passport, phone, keys, you name it. The pockets are placed externally for the easiest accessibility and work like a charm. Internally, there is a Media Pocket that has a slot for headphones, which is conveniently placed to keep your electronics dry.

What Travelers Are Saying About The North Face Gotham Jacket III

While the North Face Gotham Jacket III may not be best suited in extreme climates, it still is a workhorse for the outdoors and the city-scape alike. Consequently, customers have generally had little to no complaints about the Gotham III. One customer from Chicago humorously resonated with me about the fur hood. “This jacket is amazing. My wife purchased it for me and now these Chicago winters got nothing on me! I pitched the fur hood piece though, not my style.”

Another owner stated how well the jacket kept in warmth, “It has been in the single digits here and I needed a jacket to replace my trusted field jacket. I can't say enough how wonderful this jacket performed. It was a perfect fit (XXL – 5'11” 275 lbs) and was so warm, I actually had to turn the heat off in the car on the way home from the store!”

Continuing the trend with excellent warmth, A Canadian resident confirmed the Gotham III’s level of warmth. “I bought this jacket in prep for a Montreal ski trip in February. The jacket was completely warm with just a couple layers underneath. The only complaint is it is a tad puffy, would prefer a slimmer jacket.”

Boasting 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, there’s no question as to why owners rave over the North Face Gotham Jacket III.

Alternative Men's Winter Coats

While the Gotham III delivers the utmost quality, warmth, and style, there’s not much more that you could ask from a winter coat. However, there are several alternatives that bring their own slice of cake to the table.

Patagonia Men’s Topley Jacket

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Another premium brand, Patagonia, comes in strong with its own all-around men’s winter jacket, the Topley. Featuring a more minimalistic look with its slate color and three external pockets, the Topley is among the best of all winter jackets you can buy. Its urban aesthetic looks just as good on a snowy ski-slope as it would in the streets of downtown Manhattan. You can pick up your very own Patagonia Topley Jacket in the three dapper colors of Dark Ash, Forge Grey, or a classic Black. It’s waterproof and insulated but it comes at a cost. The old saying goes, “You get what you pay for”, and that’s certainly the case here. If you’re looking to invest in a winter jacket that will keep you warm all while looking good, consider the Patagonia Topley.

Mountain Equipment Lightline

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While the Mountain Equipment Lightline may not look that identical to the North Face Gotham Jacket III, here’s why it makes a great alternative. It’s design clearly begs for an outdoor adventure, you’re probably not buying this jacket for its style. It’s windproof as well as water-resistant so you won’t be bothered by the elements in this jacket. Keep in mind that the Mountain Equipment Lightline does not have many pockets, either on the exterior or internally. But don’t let that stop you from checking out this coat, as owners have had nothing but good things to say.

Canada Goose Langford Parka

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A popular choice for not only Canadian Men, the Canada Goose Langford Parka is one of the best parkas for men that money can buy. Its clean urban design is feature packed and will keep you not only stylish but warm. Its natural coyote fur ruff is removable, but what’s the point of a parka without a ruff? Its high price tag certainly proves its quality, and the Langford Parka will prove a life-long investment.

Columbia OutDry EX Gold Down Hooded Jacket

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Last on the list of alternatives but not least, Columbia’s OutDry EX Gold Down Hooded Jacket is quite possibly the best all-around outdoor sports jacket. Not only was it made of superior components, it is completely water-proof. The Columbia OutDry EX Gold Down Hooded Jacket is extremely compact being able to fold down to be balled and thrown into a backpack or suitcase with ease. Columbia fanatics have voted for it as one of the best winter jackets for men. One important thing to keep in mind though is that the OutDry EX is best paired with undergarments to provide maximum warmth.

The North Face Gotham Jacket III is an Excellent Choice For Men Who Travel

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All in all, The North Face Gotham Jacket III is an excellent winter jacket for men who want to combine style and functionality while staying warm. Make sure to check it out to see why this jacket could prove a worthy investment over the course of many years.

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