Looking for May travel inspiration? Let us help.

As the brink of a much needed summer vacation, many people choose to start their travels in May. Often the smaller crowds and more mild temperatures make traveling a more enjoyable experience overall. Some destinations are best to visit during this month, so it is helpful to do your research when planning your travels. There are numerous destinations offering travel deals for the month of May, as well as others that cost significantly less to visit.

One particular place worth noting is the European country of Portugal. The temperate climate during this time of year as well as the off season prices all make Portugal a favorable May vacation destination.

Here is what you can do in Portugal.

This southern European country offers many draws for its visitors. Situated along the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal provides some of the best beaches and seafood in Europe. With over 12.7 million visitors last year, Portugal’s travel scene rose by 12 percent in 2017 alone.

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If you are spending time in Portugal, Lisbon is a must see city. Known to some as a “Latin fairytale,” Lisbon is a splash of color on the European skyline. It’s dainty wooden trams still rumble through the city as a picture of the past. Lisbon’s bustling Baixa district is situated right in the center of town and hosts vendors, herbalists, and tailors. Be sure to stop by any place selling pastel de natas, a famous custard tart. Portugal is known for these rich and creamy delicacies.

Visitors to Portugal can appreciate its fine wines and fresh seafood. As its national drink, wine certainly plays a significant role in this country’s culture. Additionally, Portugal’s maritime influences ensure that its restaurants provide only the finest sea fare.

Surely, a visit to Portugal is essential during your May travels. Enjoy the slower traveling pace as well as the affordable rates during your time here this month.

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