Looking for a new reusable water bottle to keep you hydrated on your travels? We've found the perfect candidate—hands down.

If you’re anything like me, it’s not easy to stay hydrated when traveling (or on any normal day, for that matter). A million things easily distract me from drinking sufficient water—especially when I don’t have a water bottle on hand. Thankfully, there are a ton of reusable water bottles on the market, and many will get the job done. But only a rare few of them can compete with the benefits I’ve found when using the Kablo water bottle. Intrigued? You certainly should be. This just might be the best reusable water bottle I’ve found to date—for traveling and everyday life. Read the rest of my review to find out what makes it so special (and why you need one ASAP).

A Little About Kablo

This company isn’t just about creating aesthetically appealing water bottles (although it certainly succeeds at that). In fact, Kablo’s primary passion is promoting healthy, sustainable living that protects both our bodies and our world. This passion is what gave way to the Kablo water bottle. It not only keeps you well watered, but also prevents millions of plastic water bottles from polluting our landfills and oceans. But their zeal for positively impacting our environment and bodies aren’t evident in the eco-friendly design of their bottles alone. Everything from their work environments, to their manufacturing processes, to the materials they use are marked by it. So if you’re looking for an effective water bottle that looks good and does good, here are the things to know.

The Kablo Water Bottle Features & Benefits 

1. Created with Safe & Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Kablo Water Bottle

Let’s start with the bottle itself. It’s made from 100% food-grade Borosilicate glass, and this stuff is so high-quality that it’s considered top-of-the-line lab equipment. This type of glass boasts some incredible properties.

For one, it’s thermal shock resistant, which means you can sip on your favorite hot coffee or tea from your Kablo bottle. It doesn't crack or shatter under extreme temperature changes, so you could technically pour boiling hot water into it without shattering. In fact, it can actually go from freezing cold to boiling hot without shattering. Not that we recommend this, but it's good to know. If you remember how Pyrex use to work, it's because Pyrex used to be made from borosilicate glass which is why it could be used in the oven at extremely high temperatures. It’s ridiculously durable so there’s no need to worry about accidentally knocking it over. (That being said, it’s not invincible—so do be careful. If worse comes to worst, you can utilize Kablo’s 365-day one-time free replacement policy).

Borosilicate glass is also chemically unreactive, BPA-free and doesn’t contain any phthalate, lead, or cadmium (along with the caps and sleeves). Additionally, because Kablo bottles are made of 100% pure borosilicate glass, which is made from naturally occurring organic materials like sand, you don't have to worry about any strange chemical flavors or aftertastes like plastic bottles and stainless steel bottles can leave. It won't absorb any flavors from other beverages like tea or juices, and with regular washing will be odorless everytime you open it up to use it. We like to store ours open, without the cap screwed on so that any remaining water residue can completely dry out.

The polypropylene cap and silicone sleeves might seem like small aspects of this reusable water bottle, but they’re not insignificant. Their eco-friendly and safe materials and qualities mentioned above are not their only contribution. As for the cap, it actually keeps your water from spilling out with its airtight seal. As for the silicone sleeve, it serves as a helpful cushion that further protects your already durable water bottle. It even makes it easier to grip if you’ve got smaller hands like me, so it won’t slip out of your hands.

Kablo Water Bottle Eco friendly

These eco-friendly features also make it perfect for traveling, whether you’re walking around a new city or on a road trip. It’ll be safe in your hands, and it definitely won’t leak. And if it won’t fit on in your car cup holder, just take off the sleeve. It’ll slide right in!

As if they weren’t mindful enough with the materials they used, even their packaging and bubble wrap are reusable and recyclable. Amazing, right?

2. You Get to Participate in Making a Difference in the World

kablo water bottle

It’s clear that Kablo water bottles are made from materials that are kind to the Earth and good for our wellbeing. Still, that’s not the only good it does.

Sure, this one might be obvious, but it’s too important not to point out. When you buy a Kablo bottle, you are buying a reusable water bottle that you can keep for life. That means you’re joining forces with Kablo in their efforts to prevent the purchase and use of plastic water bottles. According to their website, “1.4 billion plastic water bottles are purchased around the world every day” and “80% of all plastic water bottles end up in landfills.” This problem is giant (check this out for more information on why), but you’re not too small to make a difference.

On Kablo’s website, they say that if you committed to using reusable water bottles for 30 years, you’d help keep over 45,000 plastic bottles out of our oceans. Think their bluffing? I’d say you can take their word for it. They’ve already prevented 352 million plastic water bottles from being purchased and ending up in landfills.

Another way you do good when buying a Kablo bottle is by supporting a company that’s committed to being ethical every step of the way. Sure, the reusable water bottle is the main attraction, but it’s not just about the product for them. They also promise eco-friendly manufacturing processes to ensure that they’re caring for the Earth through and through. And to add to that, they also enact fair labor laws to ensure safe work environments and sustainable wages for employees. So when you buy a Kablo bottle, you’re helping them to continue their pursuit of ethical business in every regard.

Last but certainly not list, they’ve committed to donating 1% of their annual sales to the 5 Gyres Institute. This nonprofit organization strives to combat plastic pollution using things like science and education. So if you weren’t convinced you’d be doing some real good buy purchasing a Kablo water bottle, now you do.

It’s safe to say that you can have a real and significant impact on the world by using a reusable water bottle from Kablo. So if this is something you’re passionate about, it’s about time you get one.

3. Created with a Wonderfully Minimalist Design

kablo Minimalist Design

I don’t know what your style is, but minimalist or not, you can’t deny the classiness of the Kablo bottle. The sleek glass bottle is purposefully plain in design not only for stylistic purposes, but also to avoid Cadmium. This is the metal used for the decorative aspects of many reusable water bottles and can lead to contamination. You can rest assured that while you’re sipping in style, you’re also sipping safely.

Its smooth, silver-colored cap and simple gray sleeve somehow make for a stunningly cool bottle that’s fitting for every kind of environment. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received on my Kablo water bottle, whether I was at the grocery store or working from a coffee shop! So go ahead; tote your Kablo everywhere, from the gym, to the beach, to that bike tour you’re going on!

4. Actually Helps You Drink More Water

kablo Drink More Water

No really—I’ve found that I drink significantly more water with my Kablo bottle. It’s easier to monitor your water intake when you can see the water itself, and that’s certainly proven true for me. The Kablo bottle makes it easy to see how much water I’ve had, and somehow it encourages me to drink more when I realize I’m behind. It also may have something to do with how delicious the water looks in the Kablo, because seriously—it looks so crisp! So if you’re someone who needs to be better about staying hydrated, the Kablo will do it—on the job or on the road!

What Other Travelers Are Saying About the Kablo Water Bottle

In case you couldn’t guess, I would highly recommend this reusable water bottle for anyone, travelers included! But if you’re not comfortable just taking my word for it, here’s what others are saying about it.


People absolutely love the elegant design of the bottle (like I said—you’ll receive compliments on it at every turn)! Many were a little hesitant about purchasing a glass water bottle and have raved about how incredibly sturdy the Kablo bottle is. You can even put it in the dishwasher because it’s thermal shock resistant—an aspect that Kablo customers rave about. For those who have had issues with theirs breaking, they’ve reported an extremely helpful customer service that comes to their aid quickly and effectively. People also love that the Kablo water bottle fits in their car’s cup holders, making it easy to bring along. Of course, there are more benefits than this, but these have been the top praises of the Kablo water bottle.


As for the cons, there really are none. The only semi-consistent complaint that I’ve seen in many online reviews are that it sometimes has an unpleasant odor after opening it. On Kablo’s website, you’ll see that it’s simply a matter of needing to clean your bottle—and it works! I had the same problem after a couple of days, but it was because I hadn’t washed it. Just make sure to do this before using it for the first time, and on a semi-regular basis, and it’ll be odor free.

Get a Kablo water bottle for your next adventure—and for the rest of your life.

kablo for Adventure

Credit: Kablo

If you’re looking to drink more water and do real good in a small way, you need a Kablo bottle. Its strong build will endure all your travels and daily hustle and bustle, stand out with style, and protect the world. What more could you want in a water bottle?

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