Amateur explorers unearth Montreal’s best-kept secret.

The city of Montreal is an eclectic array of energy and culture. Within the city, there are numerous places to see and things to do. Little did residents know that the coolest part of the city did not lie within but below them. This week two adventurers stumbled upon a monumental discovery underneath this buzzing metropolis.

Check out how two explorers discovered these preserved ancient ice age caves.

Luc Le Blanc and Daniel Caron were just two friends who enjoyed the outdoors. With not much professional training, Le Blanc and Caron enjoyed spelunking and kayaking in the surrounding area of Montreal. On a hunch, the pair began efforts to explore any other potential hidden caves in the area. After years of failed attempts, they broke ground, literally. Eventually, Le Blanc and Caron stumbled upon earth that was soft enough to dig through. Since October the two amateur explorers dug into this prospective spot. From there, they discovered the long-anticipated missing part of the Saint-Léonard cavern.

Montreal - ancient age cave

Upon discovering the secret channels, Le Blanc and Caron deemed it a “major discovery.” For many years people lived above this underground world, unaware of all that lay beneath their feet. This network of caves dates back to over 15,000 years ago, following the final ice age. Up until now, they have remained hidden from the public eye. The careful preservation of time has kept these secret tunnels in mint condition.

The narrow passageway extends 660 feet, and only select boats can travel through. The surrounding Saint-Léonard caverns offer the ultimate spelunking experience, with their winding underground tunnels and stalagmites.

On your next visit to Montreal, you have one more thing to add to your list. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the city around you, but don’t miss the ancient wonders of the caves beneath your feet.

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