You can soak up the sun this summer for more than just a tan.

As the weather grows warmer, the promise of summer is right around the corner. If beach days are what you live for and you treat tanning like it’s your job, now it actually can be. This season, earn money by soaking up warm rays and taking an epic trip around the United States. Popular value hotel Days Inn by Wyndham has a unique summer internship opportunity for one lucky candidate.

Being a “sun-tern” for Days Inn by Wyndham is the ultimate summer job.

This Monday, Days Inn announced their search for a “sun-tern” to aid with their latest artistic endeavor. The hotel is in need of sun-soaked photographs to display on the walls of its hotel rooms. In addition to this, they will feature your work on the company’s website and social media channels.

To capture eye-catching sun inspired images, the sun-tern will spend the summer traveling to some of the United States’ sunniest cities. Your trips include an array of exciting activities where you can catch the perfect snapshot. Wake up to sunrise yoga in San Diego or end your day with a sunset sail in Miami.

Did we mention that in addition to having all your travel expenses covered, Days Inn is paying their sun-tern $10,000? This project takes place between July and August and packs a ton of adventure into just four weeks. Not many people have “sun-tern” listed on their resume; so don’t miss this rare chance at the best summer internship.

To try your hand at being a sun-tern, check out Days Inn’s application page. Fill out a 100-word essay on what makes you the “brightest person for the job,” along with your best original outdoor photo. The deadline for submission is May 20.

If you feel like you’d be a good fit as a sun chaser, grab an extra bottle of sunscreen and submit your application today.

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