The options are truly limitless with budget airline deals.

Air travel doesn’t have to be an intimidating or expensive endeavor. More than ever, people have the option of choosing a budget airline for their travels. Amazingly, these low-cost carriers often offer flights for less than half the price of traditional airlines. One particularly noteworthy carrier is Frontier Airlines. The no-frills airline is known for their uber affordable rates around the clock. Frontier routinely highlights some of their best online deal offerings. Right now travelers can snag a flight to a major U.S. city for just $20.

Here’s to your next trip being an affordable one.

A number of domestic flights between May and June are only $20. If you are ready for an impulsive summer trip, then, of course, snag one of these flights while they last. Traveling between numerous major cities has never been more affordable.

Frontier flight

Some highlights from this current promotion include $20 flights from Chicago, IL to Charleston, SC, Denver, CO to Las Vegas, NV, and Omaha, NB to Philadelphia, PA. Other cities included in the deal are New Orleans, Memphis, Cincinnati, and Orlando.

You have until May 21 to book your trip in order to qualify for the deal. The $20 flights apply to trips between May 21 and June 13, 2018.

Travelers looking for a spontaneous getaway or who are pricing out their next trip can benefit from Frontier’s Ways to Save. Pay a visit to their website and take a peek at the Online Deals category under “Ways to Save.” Here, Frontier daily posts their best current deals for flights. The prices fluctuate frequently, so you’ll never know what you might find.

Don't forget to catch a flight for only $20 with Frontier Airlines this summer and start your travel season off right.

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