The festivity season presents us with an opportunity to express our love and appreciation to people for the roles they have played in our lives. Nothing fills this part better than presenting well-chosen and thoughtful gifts. It is hard to forget the Christmas gifts that your close ones got you since you were a toddler.

The sentimentality that comes with receiving gifts during the festivity season demands that we think through the gifts we present to our loved ones. Do you have someone in mind who is a traveler whose love for nature is unmatched? Which are some of the ecofriendly gifts that you can buy them this Christmas? I came up with a list of gift ideas that I hope you will find helpful as you go about the gift-hunting period. Let us get straight into this list:

1. Hydroflask

Water consumption in the 21st century is one of the coolest things. You can tell this by the way people react to the “I am taking 8 glasses of water nowadays” statement. It may be impossible for a traveler to walk around with a glass of water, but they will almost certainly fall in love with a hydroflask due to its capability to keep water ice cold or for very long periods. These bottles can also keep water hot all through for equally long periods, which makes them reliable for travel under any type of weather.

2. Tinggly Merry Christmas gift box


Tinggly has an eco-friendly collection of Christmas gift ideas that are suitable for travelers. This company offers ideas about more than 550 adventurous and romantic experiences, as well as access to food and drink experiences that are exceptional.

All you simply have to do is to purchase an idea gift box that presents the person in mind with the opportunity to have a look at travel experiences that would suit them. Tinggly’s current obsession is to help travelers get gift ideas while offsetting carbon dioxide emissions in the environment. Their gift box is, therefore, a perfect eco-friendly Christmas gift that you can present to a traveler.

3. A reusable and collapsible straw

Any product that can be reused when one is traveling is certainly valuable. In that light, having a reusable straw can be a simple but very thoughtful Christmas gift for a traveler. With this type of straw, they do not have to walk around worrying about polluting the environment. They also do not have to worry about the number of straws to purchase during their travel. Most reusable and collapsible straws have a carrying case that can be attached to keys. This means that your traveler friend or relative can carry it along with them everywhere they go during the Christmas period.

4. Fleece Jacket made out of recycled material

In most parts of the world, Christmas comes during the winter season. Presenting a warm fleece jacket made from ecofriendly material will definitely come up as a very impressive gift to a traveler. This will be perfect if the traveler is planning on beginning their travel before the winter season is over. A fleece jacket offers comfort and warmth, which are two things that every traveler would appreciate during the Christmas period.

5. Custom Logo Lanyard

Travelers need to display a couple of documents and badges during their travel. Some also need to keep their credit and debit cards at a point they can easily access them. You can agree with me that a lanyard can serve this purpose quite effectively. If you think that gifting your traveler relative or friend a lanyard is a great idea, then why not get them one that has a custom logo. There are many logo ideas that you can take execute, but the most perfect ones are those that are related to travel. You can also decide to add a quote to the lanyard, just to make this gift more personalized.

6. An ecofriendly backpack

It would be hard to go through this Christmas gift idea list for travelers without talking about backpacks. Not every bag will do since we are looking at gifts that are ecofriendly. In that case, you can purchase a backpack that is made of eco-friendly material, such as recycled polyester. Most of these backpacks have a water repellent finish that offers sufficient protection for the contents in the backpack during the rainy weather.

This backpack should also have sufficient space. Most travelers will appreciate a bag that has a couple of pockets that can hold their essentials when there are traveling. A bag that can hold a water bottle, a journal, a laptop, and snacks will definitely excite them. Essentially, an ecofriendly backpack that is water repellant and that has several compartments is a very suitable Christmas gift for a traveler.

7. Underarm Deodorant Wipes


It is natural for one to sweat during long-distance trips. The harsh weather will almost certainly cause you to sweat more than you do when you are going about your daily activities. Travelling is meant to be fun, and nobody wants to be hunched up on one side of their car or plane seat due to the nasty smell of sweat. This is why most travelers would appreciate a pack of biodegradable underarm wipes to keep them feeling confident about their body scent all day long. You will certainly be on their minds when they stop over to freshen up before resuming the rest of their journey feeling fresher.

8. Essential Oils Roll-ons

Sinus and chest congestions are not peculiar amongst travelers who prefer to enjoy the Christmas period traveling regardless of the state of the weather. You can make this Christmas period a better one for a traveler by purchasing essential oil roll-ons for them so that they can have a relaxed travel period. Oils such as peppermint oil can help with flu symptoms such as headaches. With every alleviated symptom, your traveler friend or relative will most certainly be grateful for this type of gift.


Christmas gifts are quite sentimental, and this demands that we take our time when selecting gifts for particular people. I have presented a list of eco-friendly gift ideas for travelers, and I hope that you will find them useful. Feel free to offer as many gifts as you can since Christmas is a time to be generous.