Puerto Rico’s capital is a delight to all who travel here.

The island of Puerto Rico has come a long way since the devastating Hurricane Maria in September 2017. The nation’s thriving cities serve as a true testament to the island’s resilience. Despite the commendable recovery process, Puerto Rico’s tourism industry still remains affected. Many travelers have not fully realized the extent in which the island recovered. This, and the fact that up to 20 percent of the popular tourist hotels have not reopened both play a part in the nation’s current state.

However, there is no better time than now to plan a trip to Puerto Rico. Airfare is extremely affordable and there are a variety of options to accommodate your stay. San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital, is a particularly noteworthy destination on the island. Here are some ideas for how to spend a day in the historic corner of this beach side town.

Old San Juan - Puerto Rico’s capital

Enjoy the true magic of Puerto Rico’s capital city’s history.

Old San Juan gives visitors a taste of Puerto Rico’s past. The numerous shopping outlets and fine restaurants will surely fill your trip itinerary. Hit up Cristo and Fortaleza Streets for the main shopping scene. As you trek through the colorful, cobblestone streets, allow the Europe-like ambiance to whisk you away. Beat the tropical heat by stopping at Himalaya Ice Co. for some fresh Artisanal Hand Rolled Ice Cream.

One does not visit Old San Juan without a trip to its renowned forts. The centuries old edifices offer a window into Puerto Rico’s past. Visit El Morro and Castillo de San Cristobal to marvel at the architecture and the spectacular views of the sea. Near to the forts lies the Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery, an enchanting burial ground dating back to 1863.

Visit Puerto Rico this year to experience the timeless magic of Old San Juan. Your visit will also benefit the nation’s tourist industry, a much needed boost for their economy.

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