Southwest’s flash sale is one you’re going to want to check out.

Traveling around the holidays is something many people dislike. Unfortunately, it is often a necessary evil for those whose families live miles away. With this, come busy airports, long waits, and typically overpriced flights. Fortunately, several airlines often offer travel deals and discounts during this time of year. Southwest is no exception to this. They are offering significant travel discounts on flights through the Christmas season. You can visit your family for the holidays this year without breaking the bank with travel costs.

Southwest - Cheap flight

Find a cheap Southwest flight offer near you this Christmas season.

Southwest’s lowest priced flights begin at $41. These include routes between Long Beach, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Other large cities include Cincinnati, Baltimore/Washington, and Chicago. There are more one-way options than just these. Other one-way routes are going for under $100. These prices are a steal compared to typical holiday flight costs. Many trips during this season would cost you over $500 for airfare alone. Normally priced flights tend to skyrocket as Christmas draws closer. Take advantage of these incredible deals while they last. You can book a cheap Southwest flight only until November 6. With a few days left, we encourage you to take advantage of their significant discounts.

With such great savings come a few limitations. Unfortunately, these flight deals only include those between December 14 and 21, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and December 28 and 29. Surprisingly, you can also catch a flight in the New Year between January 1 and 4. Though the busiest travel days are not part of the flash sale, you can save a lot by adjusting your travel schedule by a couple days.

This year you can visit your family this Christmas without the financial stress of traveling. Thanks to Southwest, it is going to be a Merry Christmas indeed.

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