Like the royal couple, London is sure to have you engaged with these travel deals.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent engagement left the world buzzing. Meghan Markle is living many little girls’ dreams of becoming a real-life princess. As millions read up on the latest about the royal family, their home city is also gaining traction in the news. London, United Kingdom is an iconic European destination, and home to the Buckingham Palace and the royals. Travelers trek to this incredible British capital year-round to experience London’s enchanting spell. In honor of the royal couple, numerous travel companies are offering worthwhile discounts that you won’t want to miss.

London has been a globally influencing hub for centuries. Within the broad city limits, you find famous attractions like the Big Ben clock tower and the whimsical London Eye. You’ll be feeling like a royal here, as you stroll the streets lined with designer stores and delightful cafes. Of course, you cannot miss high tea here in the British capital. Stop by one of their many tearooms for the ultimate English experience.

British Travel

Here are a few of the deals for British travel in the near future.

Travel tour company Trafalgar is offering a 10 percent discount on any tours of London. This eight-day trip includes deluxe accommodation, dining, and even teatime options.

Many airlines are offering significant travel deals during this time of year. With the recent British news, you can expect more enticing flight discounts in the future. Be sure to book with affordable airlines like Icelandair or WOW Airlines to get the most for your dollar (or Euro).

Thanks to these royal deals, you can visit London soon and get a taste of the rich culture and vibrant energy of Britain’s capital.

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