Sample some of the best restaurants in Minneapolis.

Minnesota might be the land of cold, but it is also home to one of the best cities in the nation; Minneapolis. Minneapolis is the lager of the nationally recognized Twin Cities. While Minneapolis is known for its great name, there is plenty more that Minneapolis can stand proud of. One of those prides its eclectic food scene. You do not have to explore too far to find some of the best restaurants in Minneapolis. From ethnic food to cultural fusions to good old comfort food, Minneapolis has got it all.

What makes this city so unique is the bursting scene of flavors that call this place home. Whatever you are in the mood for, you are sure to find it here. Today, we have racked up some of the best restaurants in Minneapolis for you to sample from. From tatsy Vietnamese food to delectable comfort food, we have got it all. Before you plan your trip here, be sure to pack along your favorite walking shoes. Whether you are strolling around the fabulous Mall of Ameria or strolling down the street. There will always be a great place to dine at calling. Take a look at our pick of the top 11 best restaurants in Minneapolis to try. Let's get started.

1. Hai Hai

Best Restaurants in Minneapolis - Hai Hai

Credit: Hai Hai / Facebook

It is not a secret the Minneapolis can get downright chilly when the colder months set in. The good news is you can escape the cold of Minneapolis by popping over to this next restaurant. What makes Hai Hai one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis is the fact that it has everything a lover of summer would want. You will recognize why immediately once you walk into this Vietnamese restaurant. Right off the bat, you will feel like you are dining out in a tropical location. The decor and setup of the restaurant is simply magical. Everything about the interior will melt away any doubt of whether or not you will enjoy it here.

This Southeast Asian restaurant is located in Northeast Minneapolis. Chef Christina Nguyen and her team have built a menu that is simply wonderful. Her menu is very reminiscent of tasty traditional meals that made a lasting impression in her childhood. Bringing with her this this cultural knowledge, she was created an amazing menu.

What we love about this Vietnamese restaurant is that it goes above your typical pho and pad thai expectation. You get the opportunity to experience the diverse collection of Vietnamese food here. For example, you will find other delectable dishes such as the turmeric and dill fish.

If you are looking for something a little lighter, then the banana blossom salad is also a crowd pleaser as well. With the beautiful layout of this restaurant and the even better food that they have to offer, you are sure to love one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis. Oh and did we mention the prices here are pretty awesome. You don't have to sacrifice too many bucks to get your hands a tasty bowl of Pho. If you are a traveler on a budget, then you are sure to love this place. In other words, if you are looking for a cheap tropical vacation, then Hai Hai is the place for you.

2. The Bachelor Farmer

Best Restaurants in Minneapolis - Bachelor Farmer

Credit: The Bachelor Farmer / Facebook

This next location is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis for a variety of reasons. For starters, the ambiance here at The Bachelor Farmer is nothing short of infectious. Once you enter, you will immediately get all the feels of a barnyard location. The rustic decor that is coupled with the modern design is the perfect urban look for any celebratory event.

When it comes to the food served here, The Bachelor Farmer is a winner for several reasons. For starters, the menu consists of dishes that have a distinctive Nordic twist. For example, you can expect to nibble on some delectable smoked fish and wild game. Unlike many illusive restaurants, The Bachelor Farmer does not have dishes that speak too loudly. In fact, The Bachelor Farmer allows you the opportunity to experience delectable dishes that speak for themselves. The variety of dishes here are not accompanied by too many bells and whistles. Rather, you will be offered a dish that is not overdone. If you are looking for adventurous eating that is subtle in presentation but bursting with flavor, then The Bachelor Farmer delivers well.

Finally, a unique feature of this restaurant that diners absolutely love is the way they source their ingredients. Many of their fresh vegetable and herbs are grown fresh right on their rooftop garden. How neat is that! If you are a foodie who is looking for a unique cultural experience that is not too far out there, then The Bachelor Farmer delivers. Come in and dine and you will see why. For its charm and its flavor, it is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis.

3. Grande Cafe

Best Restaurants in Minneapolis - Grande Cafe

Credit: Grande Cafe

Dip your toes in a little culture in one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis. If you are looking for a great evening out, then Grande Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis to plan a romantic evening out too. There are so many reasons to fall in love with Grand Cafe. For starters, you haven't had authentic French food until you have had it here. Everything about the Grande Cafe is centered around the attention to detail. This 70 year old restaurant has withstood the test of time. It has done this by hanging on to some of the most traditional dishes that the French are known for.

When it comes to the inside, you will fall in love. Chef and owner Jamie Malone has put together a stunning restaurant that is simply beautiful to look at. The soft pink hues of the wall have that vintage feel that borderlines shabby chic. It is an ambiance that will immediately put you at ease. Coupled with their 1923 Parisian zinc countertop bar and specialty drinks you will quickly feel like you are somewhere special. When it comes to the food, be prepared to be blown away.

It should be noted, that the Grand Cafe is not the type of place you pop into just because. With the delectable dishes served here, menu prices do not come cheap. Take for example their $35 omelette. Although it is a little on the pricier side. We are sure you will absolutely fall in love as it melts in your mouth. Other delectable dishes that you have to try include the poached eggs with leeks and the roasted chicken that is served with a braised bacon. While those are just some of the local favorites, there are plenty more dishes to fall in love with.

Everything from Norwegian king crab to caviar can be found here. When it comes to fine dining, there is no better place to dine out at then the elegant Grand Cafe. It is no wonder it consistently finds itself of lists of the best restaurants in Minneapolis year after year.

4. Meyvn

Best Restaurants in Minneapolis - Meyvn

Credit: Meyvn / Facebook

If your taste buds are begging for some Mediterranean flavor, then there is no better place then Meyvn to satisfy them. Ask any local and they will tell you that Meyvn easily tops the list as one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis. Located in the heart of Lowry Hill East, Meyvn offers a wonderful selection of Israeli and Mediterranean cuisine that has a very modern American twist to it.

While you can stop by anytime, breakfast is a real winner with many locals and travelers. At breakfast time, you can look forward to freshly made bagels. These bagels get served fresh round the clock once the day starts. Diners get the pleasure of a variety of bagels garnished, topped, and filled any way they want.

If breakfast is too early, then no worries. Meyvn is the place to go to if you are looking for the perfect brunch spot. During brunch, you can dine on some delicious dishes such as their tasty omelet. This local favorite comes with smoked salmon, marble rye, and beurre blanc. If you want to play it safe with a traditional American sandwich, then the double cheeseburger is a great option to go with as well. The hot pastrami sandwich and the Reuben are not bad dishes to go with either.

One of the tasty parts of Meyvn is their dessert options. You have traditional dessert options to go with such as cookies and milk or carrot cake. If you are looking for a little more flavor, then we suggest opting for the more traditional baklava. Their baklava is the perfect mixture of sticky and sweet. Without a doubt, we are sure you will love this awesome location that easily ranks as one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis.

5. Tenant

Best Restaurants in Minneapolis - Tenant

Credit: Tenant

If you are looking for a unique dining experience, then one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis to go to is Tenant. What makes Tenant so unique is the fact that they deviate from a traditional menu in the sense that they offer a tasting menu instead. Although this restaurant in Kingfield might be a little small, they do pack a big flavor.

To grab a seat here, you do need to book your table well in advance. Demand here is high, so you will want to plan accordingly. This lovely restaurant only offers three seatings each night. While the price of tasting menus typically come with an overwhelming price tag, the Tenant is the exception. Here you will find that Tenant offers a reasonably priced tasting menu that starts at just $50.

If you do manage to grab a chair here, you will be in for a wonderful treat. A seat at the table will allow you the opportunity to experience a six course tasting menu. The tasting menu is always changing because of the fact that there their menu depends on the available ingredients. Along with that, their changing menu was specifically designed to reflect the changing seasons. Although the menu does change, there are some consistencies you can look forward to. For example, there will typically almost always be a pasta dish to try as part of your six course meal.

When you come here, the food will not be the only thing that is exceptional. The environment here is pretty wonderful as well. Although this tasting menu was designed for an elegant night out where you can experience good food, the ambiance is a little more charming. Along with that, you will find that the climate is really laid back. For example, do not be surprised by the fact that Tenant is known for their love of playing old school rap music in the background while you dine.

Finally, their drink selection is just as elegant as their tasting menu. Tenant offers a superb collection of drinks that pair well with your meals. Do be advised though that if you do choose to do a painting with your tasting menu, it is an additional charge. If you are in the mood for some adventurous eating and are looking to enjoy your meal as opposed to just going to dinner, then Tenant is easily one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis to consider.

6. Jacques

Best Restaurants in Minneapolis - Jacques

Credit: Jacques / Facebook

If you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis that serves up some tasty and comfortable Mediterranean food, then look no further. Jacques is one of the best restaurants from start to finish. From the decor to the menu we are sure you will love it here.

When you walk into this restaurant, you will immediately be blown away by its beautiful atmosphere. The sophisticated layout makes for the perfect type of environment for upscale meetings and special events. If you are looking for a great place to spend happy hour at, then Jacques delivers too.

The stand out menu Jacques has to offer is their brunch menu. Some of their delectable Mediterranean inspired dishes on their bread menu include their traditional eggs benedict. This dish comes with poached eggs that are served with Canadian bacon and an English muffin, asparagus, and hash browns. These delectable flavors make this dish simply mouth watering. If you are looking for a more heartier meal, then the steak and eggs is the way to go. The Wagyu sirloin is delicately served with a delectable black pepper cognac cream sauce. Coupled with a side of eggs and your choice of hash brown or fresh fruit, we are sure you are full fall in love.

Millennials who can't get enough of a good avocado toast are sure to love Jacques as well. At Jacques, their interpretation of avocado toast is simply to die for. It is artfully served with heirloom tomatoes and cold smoked salmon. Ask any diner and they are sure to say that it just might be the best avocado toast they have ever sampled. Finally, you cannot go wrong with sticking to a traditional comfort food; chicken and waffles. Their chicken and waffle sliders are made with a buttermilk marinated crispy chicken that simply melts in your mouth. Served alongside a jalapeno cheddar waffle and some peach jam, we are sure you will love it just as much as we do.

Whether you are celebrating a special event or going out on an important meeting, Jacques is the place to go. Jacques does not disappoint and it is clear to see why. It easily ranks on our list and in the heart of many as one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis.

7. Punch Bowl Social

Best Restaurants in Minneapolis - Punch Bowl Social

Credit: Punch Bowl Social / Facebook

This next spot is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis if you are looking for a good time while dining out. The Punch Bowl Social is just that. It is a fun place where good food and having a great time come together. Along with that the Punch Bowl Social consistently tops the lists as one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis.

For starters, the setting of this restaurant is absolutely beautiful. It is the perfect atmosphere if you are looking for a casual location to go out and eat. With their bar and lounge area, counter seating, and fireplace, you will forget that you are at a restaurant. Instead, you will feel like you are right at home. In fact, this restaurant has established such a prominent setting that you can find locations in other parts of the nation. Some of their popular locations include their Arlington, Detroit, and Fort Worth locations.

When it comes to the food, they offer a range of options stemming from comfort food to healthy food. If you have dietary restrictions such as a gluten free diet, then you are sure to find some good eat that will satisfy you here. One of their best selling dishes is the “It's Nachos Mama's” dish. Take your pick of carnitas or chicken nachos and top them just the way you like with roasted cauliflower, fresh jalapeno, and queso fundido. Other delicious dishes include the lobster bacon fries. These house cut fries paired with a fresh poached lobster make for some of the best flavors your taste buds I've ever indulged in.

Whether you are celebrating an event or looking for a fancy night out, Punch Bowl Social is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis to try out today. If you don't come for the food, Then the environment itself is enough to make a lasting impression.

8. Travola Italian Kitchen

Best Restaurants in Minneapolis - Travola Italian Kitchen

Credit: Travola / Facebook

If you're looking for a proper place to go to brunch, Tavola is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis to consider. What we love about Tavola is the fact that the owners have taken contemporary Italian dishes and Views them with some of the best flavors that Minneapolis has to offer. Tavola has a variety of menus including a breakfast menu, a lunch menu, a late night menu, and a Grande Note menu. If you ask any local, they will tell you that the lunch menu is one of the best the city has to offer.

The lunch menu features many fabulous dishes including a Revier Farm’s Butter Burger. This delectable Burger is topped with a 2 year cave aged cheddar that simply melts in your mouth. Served alongside tomatoes, onions, and a crispy egg bun, you will love it. For many, this burger easily rank as one of the best burgers around.

Want to try an authentic Caesar salad? Then the Caesar salad served with romaine, parmesan, house-made croutons, and white anchovy is easily one of the best salad ever.  Finally, ask any local and they will tell you that the pizza served here is the real showstopper. From Margarita Pizza to their fantastic Zuckermann’s Pie. Diners can indulge in some authentic Italian pizza that will have you begging for more.

Finally, what we love about Tavola is the fact that this restaurant is perfect if you were looking for an intimate evening or afternoon out. The close and personal layout here does offer an opportunity of social interaction. However if you are looking for a little more intimate location, and then Tavola is easily one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis that deliver.

9. Cedar + Stone Urban Table

Best Restaurants in Minneapolis - Cedar + Stone Urban Table

Credit: Cedar + Stone Urban Table

One of the best restaurants in Minneapolis is easily this next hot spot. Cedar + Stone Urban Table offers a unique dining experience that you cannot miss out on. What makes Cedar + Stone Urban Table truly unique is the fact that it offers a menu that features a range of culinary cultures. Not only that, but Cedar + Stone Urban Table stands out in the fact that they have partnerships with local farmers. This partnership allows them to offer some of the best ingredients to all of their diners.

Cedar + Stone Urban Table does a fabulous job paying homage to the surroundings of the restaurant. The restaurant takes pride in celebrating the natural beauty. For example, the name takes after the stunning cedar trees and the nearby granite falls that Minneapolis is so well-known form. It is this appreciation of nature that has allowed nearby farmers to get on board with Cedar + Stone Urban Table's mission statement.

Executive chef Everton Clarke does a fantastic job putting together a menu that is simply stunning. A popular favorite on their menu includes their delicious Minnesota wild rice soup. This bowl of soup is perfect for warming you up on a cold day. Along with that, their sandwiches are absolutely delicious. Their iconic Minneapolis Cedar + Stone BLT is the perfect mix of brown sugar peppered bacon, Boston bibb, rustic bread, and tomato aioli.  Another fan favorite includes the roasted portobello panini and the grilled chicken that is served with fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, and sun-dried tomatoes.

We love that Cedar + Stone Urban Table adds flavor and culture to traditional dishes.  Time after time, the fusion of flavor is what has allowed Cedar + Stone Urban Table to be one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis.

10. Pho 79

Best Restaurants in Minneapolis - Pho 79

Credit: Pho 79

In every great town, it is an absolute must that you look for some great pho. One of the best restaurants in Minneapolis that can deliver on this is Pho 79. Pho 79 offers some of the tastiest Vietnamese cooking that this buzzing city has to offer. What makes Pho 79 so awesome is a multitude of reasons. For starters, you will not break the bank when you stop to dine here. In a hot spot like Minneapolis, going out to eat can come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, Pho 79 does not fit that bill.

Not only that, but the popular dishes served up here at Pho 79 are always bursting with flavor. The broth undergoes a delicate process that allows for plenty of time for the spices and herbs to simmer together. Lastly, in a city that is known for its chilly weather, there is no place that offers up a comforting bowl of pho like Pho 79.

11. Al’s Breakfast

Best Restaurants in Minneapolis - Al’s Breakfast

Credit: Al's Breakfast / Facebook

This next location is probably the city's best kept secret. For one of the best restaurant in Minneapolis that serves up breakfast food, Al's Breakfast is one of the best places to go to. Al's Breakfast offers everything from classic breakfast dishes to comfort food. It is located in the heart of Minneapolis, right next to the University of Minnesota. If you blink, you just might miss it, so keep an eye out! While this breakfast spot is a rather small restaurant, don't let the size fool you. The breakfast meals served up here are simply delicious.

Some of the common classic meals you can look forward to here include their yummy pancakes. Their scrambled eggs, and delectable waffles are just as tasty too. These classic dishes don't just taste good, they will fill you up in all the right places too. If you are not too much of an early bird, then no worries. You will be glad to know that Al’s Breakfast just so happens to be one of the best locations to grab brunch at. Plus, travelers can appreciate that this is a great place to go to if you are looking for some good food at a better price. They offer a comfortable easy to read menu that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Final Thoughts

Having an excellent food scene is one of the best ways to put a city on the map. When it comes to the food scene of Minneapolis, the food scene is right on target. If you ever find yourself in this beautiful city, then you have to make it a point to explore it. Nearly every corner you turn onto, you are sure to find a wonderful restaurant to dine at. To really enjoy the food scene in Minneapolis, you really want to take your time here. Spending a long weekend or even a week will give you plenty of time to gain the best experience possible here.

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