You won’t miss out on the perfect photo because of a low battery if you have the best battery saver app working hard for you.

We’ve all tried different things to extend the life of our phone battery. From uninstalling apps you don’t use to lowering the screen brightness, it’s often the little things that make a big difference. You can even cut back on your game playing and change your setting to not refresh your apps in the background. More sneaky ways to save battery life are using WiFi as much as possible and turning off vibrate mode. Data and motion quickly drain a cell phone battery. So, if you need help figuring out the best battery saver app to help extend your battery life, dig into these five best battery saving apps. 

1. Amplify

best battery saver app - Amplify

Amplify is the best battery saver app if you like to customize your experience. As it runs, it will identify and tell you in simple language which apps are draining your battery the fastest. You’re in control with Amplify. You can set it to wake up your phone when you want it to check for new notifications, rather than have your phone constantly looking for them. That constant searching is one major drain on battery life. Amplify will also control Wakelocks that keep your phone awake and consistent services. You obviously want to receive phone calls whenever they come in, but there is no need to have marketing and advertisements always tapping on your screen. Along with all of this, it has multiple different stylish themes and comes in eighteen languages. So, for an all-around best battery saver app, download Amplify. 

2. Avast Battery Saver

best battery saver app - Avast

Credit: Avast

Avast Battery Saver is definitely the best battery saver app to stay informed with your apps and battery drainage. After it has spent some time understanding your apps habits and battery use, it will give you an accurate estimate of how much longer your battery will last. This will make sure you have enough juice to navigate home or for that important phone call, you’re expecting later. You will get notified of which apps are sucking your battery power and can switch them off from your lock screen. You can set up to five different profiles to cycle between depending on what apps you need running: Smart, Home, Work, Night, and Emergency. This last feature is what truly sets Avast Battery Saver apart. It understands the different needs at different points in our day. 

3. Battery Doctor

best battery saver app - Battery Doctor

The next best battery saver app is Battery Doctor. It has new features that others don’t, such as three stage charging. It will help you battery charge quickly when low, continuously in the middle, and trickle charge as it approaches full. This extends your battery life and keeps it in good health. On top of keeping battery hogging apps under control, Battery Doctor will dim your screen and turn off unused functions such as Bluetooth when not in use. As expected, it will let you know how much juice each application is drinking. It can estimate the amount of battery life left and give you suggestions on the optimal times to start and stop charging your phone. So, if you want to specifically optimize battery life when it comes to charging your phone, download Battery Doctor. 

4. DU Battery Saver

best battery saver app - DU

Credit: The Wild Blogger

The DU group has created the best battery saving app this year. They claim they can extend your battery life up to fifty percent, or seventy percent with the paid pro version. How do they do this, you ask? Well, it first monitors your phone’s temperature. Being overheated means your battery is draining quicker as well as being overworked. So, DU Battery Saver identifies which apps heat up your phone and helps you turn them off or put them to sleep when not in use. 

The DU Battery Saver app will help you tame your notification bar from the endless advertisements and updates that are unneeded. With a simple advanced saving button, you can have the DU Battery Saver close and sleep all your apps in an instant. On top of this, it has a healthy charge manager similar to Battery Doctor. This will allow your phone to charge quickly and efficiently and not lose capacity over time. All in all, DU Battery Saver has mastered what is needed in the best battery saver app of 2018.

5. Intel Security’s Battery Optimizer and Cleaner

best battery saver app -  Intel Security’s

Our final choice when it comes to the best battery saver app is Intel Security’s Battery Optimizer and Cleaner App. It comes with the expected app battery usage estimator and an easy one-click button to close battery draining apps. On top of that, Battery Optimizer and Cleaner has a storage and memory cleaner. It will go through your phone’s storage for unused things and delete them with permission. From that restaurant menu you downloaded over a year ago to the blurry picture your little one took, there is plenty of wasted memory on your phone. This will both speed up your phone and extend your battery life. This is a feature unique to Intel Security’s Battery Optimizer and Cleaner. But, with its unique features, we can see why it is so often called the best battery saver app today. 

Finding the best battery saver app for you depends on what you do with your phone.

You might need your phone running at full speed during the work day, but want an intense saving profile when you’re at home. Or, you may know that your phone is getting bogged down with excess files and photos which really can go. If computer and phone things tend to overwhelm you, a quick and simple interface like Amplify might be the way to go. Whichever best battery saver app you do choose, we are sure it will help extend your battery life. This will give you the confidence to make phone calls, navigate, or grab that once in a lifetime photo right when you need it.

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