It is a notable day for travelers around the world.

September 27 marks World Tourism Day. This was first coined in 1980, correspondingly coinciding with a prominent date in world tourism. A decade earlier, on September 27, 1970, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) began. This association exists to address relevant issues of international travel today. Energy, Peace, Dialogue, World Heritage, Water, and Tourism have all been matters handled by UNWTO.

In honor of this special occasion, we have selected a few of our favorite travel destinations from around the world.

Located off the coast of Queensland, Australia lies the Great Barrier Reef. This thriving ecosystem is a jewel of the Pacific. Here you can swim among thousands of reefs, uniquely lined with vibrant hard and soft coral. Get up close and personal with the unique fish that reside on the reef.

Everyone should make the trek to Grand Canyon National Park at least once in their lifetime. Walk the glass-bottomed skywalk for a thrilling view of the miles of red-tinted rock formations. Some other must-see sights include the majestic Horseshoe Bend and the refreshing Havasu Falls.

Even today Easter Island remains a place of enchantment and mystery. This remote Chilean island is the home of over 900 iconic stone statues. These stone pedestals have overlooked the waters of the Pacific Ocean for centuries.

The Great Wall of China is a true wonder of the world. It has been a part of China’s history for over 2,000 years. This architectural masterpiece winds 13,170 miles across the nation. Walk across a portion of the wall and transport back to the ancient Ming Dynasty.

World Tourism Day provokes reflection on the wonders around us. It also serves as a reminder to not take the earth for granted. As we travel, in essence, we learn to appreciate the uniqueness of each culture and nation. On this day, and every day, may we do our part in making the world a better place.

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