Want an optimal travel experience? Consider off-season travel.

Fall and winter are becoming increasingly more popular for international travel. The increased vacation time allowance and off-season rates are appealing to most. Places with a warmer climate year round offer the most optimal travel experience during the non-summer months. If you are looking for a place to travel this winter, look no further than Portugal.

Portugal Travel

Portugal is the vacationer’s dream come true.

Portugal is a coastal country, with much maritime influence. Its seaside location provides optimal dining options, with fresh grilled sardines and salt cod as a few of their specialties. You can travel here anytime during the year and enjoy a temperate climate. Throughout the country lie castle ruins and medieval towers, in essence, reminders of Portugal’s ancient past.

The famous São Jorge Castle is a hilltop Moorish castle that overlooks the Tagus River. Numerous visitors make the trek within the castle grounds to explore this 11th-century masterpiece.

There is no shortage of fresh wine selection here in Portugal. You may find yourself awestruck at the many offerings to try. The Douro River flows throughout the country and creates the beautiful Douro Valley. Along the riverside, lie lush, rolling green vineyards, leading into the Douro Wine Region Valley.

Madeira is Portugal’s archipelago, made up of four islands. Here you will find a temperate, tropical climate. Madeira’s authentic and delicious wine comes fresh from local vineyards. The islands are a true paradise, with golf, scuba diving, and hiking as a few of the many activities to enjoy.

This winter put away your scarf and pick up your passport to travel to Portugal. With all there is to do and see here, you are sure to have a holiday travel experience that you won’t soon forget.

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