A summer in London doesn’t sound too bad. Especially if the airfare is cheap.

Europe in the summer is certainly a sight to see. The temperate climate and groups of eager visitors make it the continent a bustling place. One particular spot worth visiting is the city of London. This populous British hub transforms into an entirely new place during the summer months. The sunshine truly brings out the best in people at this time of year. Street performances and open air theatres offer lively entertainment, while the rooftop bars provide an ideal place to kick back.

Unfortunately, travel to London in the summer can cost as much as $1,000 for airfare alone. Don’t worry, Virgin Atlantic is here to help. Their latest flight promotion is one you won’t want to miss.

Catch an affordable flight to Britain’s most famous metropolis this summer.

From now through Thursday, April 26, Virgin Atlantic is rolling out cheap airfare offerings to London from a variety of airports.

Virgin Atlantic travel

Specific travel dates apply to this deal. This sale includes departures between June 23 and August 21. Return flight dates include August 8 through September 9. Be sure to check with your specific departure airport to ensure that these dates apply to you.

Fly from Boston to London for $278 or Los Angeles to London for $286 one-way. The deal includes a variety of U.S. airports, so check Virgin Atlantic’s website to see if there is one near you.

To qualify for this promotion, a round-trip purchase is required. Keep in mind that this is the Economy Light section, so checked bags incur added fees. However, you can look forward to the complimentary movies, dinner, and drinks aboard your flight.

You can now catch a cheap flight to London this summer thanks to Virgin Atlantic. Start planning now for your most epic summer adventure yet.

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