The Mammoth Double 0-Degree Sleeping Bag Is an Essential for Couples

Camping with your significant others? Snuggle up in the Teton Sports Mammoth Double 0-Degree Sleeping Bag. This bag is extra wide, which provides plenty of space for two. Plus, there may even be enough room for a couple of kids. Not only does this sleeping bag stand out for its large width, but it also stands out for its 0-degree temperature rating. If you are camping or backpacking in below freezing temperatures, then this is definitely one sleeping bag option to consider. In this full review of the product, we will be talking about the product specifications, key features and benefits, what fellow travelers are saying about this sleeping bag, and more. Stay tuned if the Teton Sports Mammoth Double sleeping bag has piqued your curiosity.

A Little About Teton Sports

Teton Sports

Teton Sports is an outdoor gear company that makes a wide range of sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, camp cots, camp sleeping pads, and outdoor accessories. Compared to other outdoor gear companies, Teton Sports sells relatively low priced products. The prices often beg the question, “Are these quality products?” The answer is yes. Teton Sports is very good at what they do. Based on the advertised temperature ratings, Teton Sports sleeping bags perform exceptionally well. While there are many products sold by the company, we are focusing today on the Mammoth Double 0-Degree Sleeping Bag. However, know that the Mammoth Double also comes in a 20-Degree option as well. With that said, let's dive into our review of the Mammoth Double 0-Degree sleeping bag. Will this Teton Sports sleeping bag be the sleeping bag for you?

Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag Features & Benefits

Product Specifications

Teton Sports - Specifications

The Teton Sports Mammoth Double is an extra wide sleeping bag. Therefore, it is ideal for couples and families who want to snuggle. The exact measurements of the sleeping bag when rolled out are 94″ x 62″. In case you cannot visualize what the size looks like, know that it is longer and wider than a queen-size mattress. When compressed, the size packs down to 28″ x 15.75″ x 15.75″. The bag comes with a stuff sack to smash the sleeping bag into after use.

As for the weight, the bag weighs in at 16.5 pounds. This product is filled with SuperLoft Elite Hollow Fiber and is lined with 100% brushed poly flannel. The flannel interior is very soft and feels as familiar and homey as bed sheets. This feature of the sleeping bag attracts many customers to the product. Concerning the color options, the Mammoth Double 0-Degree sleeping bag comes in green, orange, and teal. For other color options, you can consider the Mammoth Double 20-Degree sleeping bags.

No-Snag Zippers

No-Snag Zippers

There are three zippers on the Mammoth Double 0-Degree sleeping bag. All of which are durable and designed not to snag. There is one zipper on the right side of the bag, one of the left side, and one on the bottom of the bag. The Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag is made for easy access and ventilation with the many zippers located on the product. The three anti-snag zippers allow for couples to adjust the temperature of their own side of the sleeping bag, without affecting their partner's. Best of all, the zippers are easy to open and close from both inside and outside the bag.

Pro Tip: When searching for the perfect sleeping bag for you, make it a priority to get a bag with functional zippers. The last think you want is for your zippers to snag, so read plenty of reviews before buying a sleeping bag. If most of the reviews report issues with the zippers, then pass on that product.


Teton Sports - Versatility

The Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag is not just a sleeping bag. It can easily come apart to make two large comforters. This feature allows the product to be versatile. When you are huddled around the campfire and want a thick blanket to wrap around yourself, you now have access to not just one, but two blankets! Instead of hopping into the sleeping bag, simply unzip the bag all around to make two quilts. Upon receiving this information, you may wonder if after you separate the bag you can make two individual sleeping bags. This cannot be done. The Mammon Sleeping Bag only functions are one large sleeping bag or two massive comforters.

What Travelers Are Saying About This Sleeping Bag

Let's start talking about what fellow travelers are saying about this sleeping bag. How does it stack up against similar products? For the most part, campers have spoken very highly about the Teton Sports Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag. For warmth, versatility, and quality, most travelers give this product between 4 and 5 stars. Travelers also love how the sleeping bag can unzip into two separate pieces. This feature allows for the campers to use the sleeping bag as a comforter when they desire extra warmth by the campfire. Plus, it allows for the bag to be washed with convenience.

Some complaints about this product have revolved around the hassle it is to repack the bag into its case. Unless you are an expert at folding and rolling sleeping bags, the process of stuffing it into the stuff sack can bring about some complications. It is also a very heavy sleeping bag to carry. At 16.5 pounds, this is not a sleeping bag fit for backpacking. However, for camping, this product has been known to live up to its 0-degree claims. Overall, we are pleasantly surprised by the Mammoth Double sleeping bag. For couples and families, this is a sleeping bag option to consider.

Alternative Sleeping Bags

Hyke and Byke Eolus Goose Down Sleeping Bag

Byke Eolus Goose Down Sleeping Bag

For optimum warmth, comfort, and durability check out the Hyke and Byke Eolus Goose Down sleeping bags. This sleeping bag comes in two versions: Eolus 0F and Eolus 15F. Both versions have very similar product dimensions and are ultralight at 2-3 pounds (depending on version and regular/long sizes). These Hyke and Byke Eolus mummy sleeping bags are for individual use, but are fantastic to keep you warm in the cold of winter. Travelers are raving about the Hyke and Byke Eolus sleeping bags and there are hardly any disappointments among customers. As an alternative, we highly recommend looking into the Eolus 0F and 15F sleeping bags. These top-notch sleeping bags are easily compressible and among the best backpacking sleeping bags because of their quality and lightweight.

Coleman Silverton Zero Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag

Zero Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag

Interested in another 0-degree sleeping bag? The Coleman Silverton Zero Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag is one to consider. It may not be fit for two people, but as an individual 0-degree sleeping bag, it is a decent product. The weight of the bag is much, much lighter than the Teton Sports Mammoth Double sleeping bag. So, if a priority for you is lightweight, then the Coleman Silverton is certainly a better bag to take backpacking with you. In comparison to the Teton Sports Mammoth Double, the Coleman Silverton is significantly cheaper. You can find this product for as low as $60 USD. For the price, you may think that the Coleman Silverton sleeping bag doesn't live up to its claims of being a 0-degree bag. However, this sleeping bag is surprisingly effective.

Snuggle Up in the Warmth of the Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag

If you want a big, warm sleeping bag to keep you comfortable on those cold winter nights outdoors, then the Teton Sports Mammoth Double 0-Degree Sleeping Bag may be the one for you. For the price, campers receive a high-quality sleeping bag that does indeed allow for survival at 0-degree temperatures. The insulation and flannel interior will keep you very toasty. Plus, the body heat of your significant other will keep you warm as well. Overall, we are very pleased with this product. Though the sleeping bag can be difficult to compress back into its carrying sack, if you can manage it, you will likely be pleased with the product as well. It just may take several people to get it back in the stuff sack. Consider yourself warned. Or, consider that a challenge.

What are your thoughts on the Teton Sports Mammoth Double 0-Degree Sleeping Bag? If you own this sleeping bag or another made by Teton Sports, we would love to hear about your experience with the company's products in the comments section below. Does this outdoor gear company get a “yay” or a “nay” from you?

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