Coffee When You Want It, Wherever You Want It

Sometimes, when traveling, the coffee in the hotel lobby just isn't up to par. Other times, like when camping in the middle of the mountains, there is no access to a coffee shop or café where you can get a decent cup. When these situations arise, travelers have two options. 1) Go without coffee or 2) Invest in a travel coffee maker. The Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker is a portable product that you can take with you on all your adventures. This travel coffee maker can even go to the office with you. When you're exhausted during your travels (or at work) and need a kick of caffeine to energize you, having a travel coffee maker on hand makes all the difference.

To give you energy throughout your days–both on the road and in the home–consider investing in the Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker. In this full review, we will be sharing the key features of this single serve coffee maker. In addition, we will be revealing what fellow travelers are saying about the product. Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and read along as we spill the details about the Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker.

A Little About Mounchain

single serve coffee maker - Mounchain

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There are numerous companies that sell travel coffee makers. The options range from French Press coffee makers to single cup coffee filters. Some of these products are automatic and heat water for you, whereas others require travelers to heat water separately and pour it into the coffee maker. Given that there are many products on the market today, it can be difficult deciding which travel coffee maker is for you.

The Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker is unique in many ways. First of all, this product is K-cup compatible. It is also machine battery operated. All you will need to do is add 2 AAA batteries to the coffee maker. This product is as simple as “just add hot water and press the power button.” The Mounchain coffee maker was designed so that travelers can enjoy coffee whenever they want and wherever they want. Any place you go on this big playground we call planet Earth, you can now always have access to coffee.

Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker Features & Benefits

Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker Specifications

single serve coffee maker - Mounchain

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This single serve coffee maker weighs in at 12.6 ounces. The product's maximum capacity is 240 ml. The coffee maker only comes in one color–all black. With the purchase of this product, travelers will receive the Single Serve Coffee Machine as well as a user manual. A reusable K-cup coffee capsule is not included. Also, the 2 AAA batteries are not included in the package.

Battery Operated

single serve coffee maker - Battery Operated

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Not all travel coffee makers are battery operated. In fact, few are. The Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker is one of those few. For this product, batteries are needed for the power supply. This device does not manual grind/brew the coffee. In our opinion, automatic coffee makers produce the most flavorful coffee. While this product does automatically brew your coffee, it does not warm water for you. With theMounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker, you will have to pour hot water into the coffee maker. For best results, follow this motto: The hotter the water, the better the brew.

K-Cup Compatible

single serve coffee maker - K-Cup Compatible

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You know those people that are die-hard K-cup fans? You know, those people who can't stand the thought of separating from your beloved K-cups? Maybe you are one of those people. If that is the case, then this device is designed for you. The Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker is comparable to large, stationary Keurig single-serve machines in both function and quality.

With K-cup compatibility, this product is versatile. Travelers can purchase individual capsules of their favorite coffee brand or they can purchase a reusable K-cup coffee capsule to fill with the blend they have at home. Whenever you desire a single cup of coffee (whether it be for the taste, the caffeine, or both), simply pop in a K-cup, pour in hot water, and get brewing!

How to Use This Single Serve Coffee Maker

This single serve coffee maker is designed for easy use. We will walk you through the process of brewing a cup of coffee in the Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker to demonstrate just how straightforward this process is.

single serve coffee maker - Single Serve Coffee Maker

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Step 1: Place your K-cup coffee capsule into the holder

Once you unscrew the coffee maker, place the K-cup capsule of your choice into the K-cup holder.

Step 2: Add hot water

Though this device is battery operated, it does not have the capacity to heat water. Therefore, travelers will have to heat water separately (via tea kettle or microwave) and then pour the steamy water into the Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker.

Step 3: Press the power button

Screw the product back together. Once securely fastened, press the power button. Your coffee will begin brewing immediately. It will only take a few minutes for your coffee is ready.

Step 4: Pour and drink

When your coffee is finished brewing, the best step has finally arrived. Pour your smooth coffee into the built-in coffee cup or a separate mug. Smell the fresh scent of coffee rise to greet you and enjoy the delicious taste!

What Travelers Are Saying About Mounchain's Single Serve Coffee Maker

Honestly, people are so excited about this product that some are ditching their at-home coffee makers and replacing it with the Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker. Customers love that this product is portable and takes up little space, both on their counter and in their luggage. People have also been pleasantly surprised by how durable this device is. For travelers who gulp down multiple cups of coffee a day, the Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker will maintain its ability to brew a great cup of coffee each time.

If there are any complaints, they are all minor. Some travelers wish the bottle was larger so it could hold more coffee. Others wish this device had the ability to warm water. Having to heat water separately and pout hot water into the coffee maker was a downside and inconvenience for some travelers. Overall, travelers have reported great things about the Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker and its ability to make delicious coffee no matter where you go.

Alternative Travel Coffee Makers

Presto MyJo Single Coffee Maker

single serve coffee maker - Presto MyJo

The Presto MyJo Single Coffee Maker works very similarly to the Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker. However, there are key differences. Most notable of those differences is the design of these two products. The Preso MyJo Single Coffee Maker is much larger and bulky compared to the Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker. Though the Presto MyGo is not as slim and sleek, it is very affordable, easy to clean, K-cup compatible, and microwave-safe. If you are interested in other travel coffee makers that are compatible with K-cups, then the Presto MyJo Single Coffee Maker is a product to consider.

There is one other difference between these products. Whereas the Mounchain requires batteries, the Presto MyJo does not. The Preso MyJo Single Coffee Maker works apart from batteries and electricity. All travelers need to do is add hot water. Since the product is microwave-safe, travelers have the option of heating water by placing the product into the microwave.


single serve coffee maker - Handpresso

Do you prefer espresso over a cup of coffee? There is no travel espresso maker that is as portable as the Handpresso. The Handpresso is a great and “handy” alternative for those who drink espresso instead of a regular coffee. The Handpresso is lightweight, compact, and works similarly to a bicycle pump. The product will take up little room in your purse, backpack, carry-on, or checked luggage piece. What's more is the Handpresso requires no batteries or electricity. As a manual espresso maker, travelers will just need to add hot water to prepare a hot shot of espresso!

This product comes in several colors including black, white/blue, and white/pink. The Handpresso is a favorite among traveling espresso lovers. Campers, hikers, backpackers, and other outdoor explorers have particularly expressed fondness for this hand-held espresso maker. If you are interested in travel espresso makers, then consider purchasing the Handpresso.

Let's Get Brewing

The Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker is a go-to product for many travelers. It is lightweight, takes up little space, and has the capacity to make a tasty cup of joe. If K-cup compatibility is important to you in a travel coffee maker, then this device is certainly one to consider. This product is sleek and effective. From the home to the office to the airport and beyond, the Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker is an incredible product that has been known to “wow” travelers everywhere they go. We have a hunch that this product will “wow” you too. With the holiday season approaching, consider investing in this travel coffee maker for yourself or a traveler you know!

What are your thoughts on the Mounchain Single Serve Coffee Maker? Let us know in the comments section below!

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