Better book that flight to Japan sooner rather than later this year.

Japan is a pleasure to visit year round. This ancient land encompasses rich culture and brilliant natural beauty. Amidst their many trademark icons are Japan’s elegant cherry blossoms. These vibrant pink buds serve as a global representation of the beginning of springtime. Of course, you might be wondering why we would discuss this seasonal phenomenon right now, in the fall. Well, it turns out that for some of these Japanese spring cherry trees, the autumn season is the perfect time for an encore.

Catch Japan’s cherry blossom trees this autumn.

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In short, Japan’s cherry blossom springtime flowering is now in the autumn this year. These “sakura” are a symbolic representation of the newness of a new season. The famous blossoms serve as an iconic part of Japanese history and often arrive right on time. Not so the case in recent weeks, however.

Due to an intense typhoon season this past summer, Japan’s trees are acting a little different. The severe storms caused many of the trees to lose their leaves, resulting in the premature exposure of the cherry blossom buds. Additionally, the harsh weather diminished the cherry trees’ supply of a natural hormone that protects the buds inside. With all of these factors, it is no surprise that a number of these beloved trees are giving way to a new display of blossoms, months ahead of schedule.

If you want to check out this unusual phenomenon for yourself, make sure to plan a trip to Japan this autumn. The country as a whole is quite magical during this time of year, so there are many reasons to visit. Check out the wide variety of Japanese fall festivals throughout the country during this season.

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