Travel start-ups are always good to keep an eye on.

These days the travel world is changing, and likely for the better. More and more travel tools are on the rise, many of which come from start-up businesses. These useful resources often serve as a much needed aid when it comes to travel booking and planning. One newer company is Itlite, which is a great tool for those frequently traveling for business. Itlite is quickly rising to the top of the travel tool game, and with recent funding, it has much potential for growth.

Itlite helps you get the rewards you want when you do the traveling you need.


The travel booking tool Itlite is a rewards based program that coordinates business travel specifically. It offers incentives for those who plan their travel precisely within the company’s budget parameters’. The company is completely online, and very easy to navigate. Its straightforward layout actually simplifies the entire process of travel booking. Here, multiple transportation options are included, such as hotels, buses, and flight bookings. Itlite boasts up to 30% savings for companies, and complete ease of bookings for employees. This is certainly a win-win situation for large companies and employees who need to travel frequently.

In the name of success, Itlite recently raised $4.2 million in a Series A level of funding. This extremely large sum of money is just what the start-up needs to take its business to the next level. If you want to explore this option for yourself, look into the potential savings for your own business travels. With up to 30% in travel savings and numerous rewards, Itlite might be the ideal business travel booking tool of the future.

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