Learn the top tips on how to charge your phone faster.

Travelers with busy lives probably end up using their phones fairly often. Cell phones let us communicate with others and accomplish daily tasks by simply pressing a few buttons. Whether you use an Apple or an Android device, you’re most likely going to run into issues with battery life. Despite charging phones all night long, your device may end up dying after just a few hours of usage. This leads to frustrations, as you need your phone to do work, contact people, or simply entertain yourself. When you have to wait around for your phone to charge, you waste valuable time. Thankfully, we’ve curated a list of tips on how to charge your phone faster. You’ll never have to worry about running late due to your phone taking too long to recharge.

1. Turn your phone off

how to charge your phone faster - Turn Off

One of the best ways to increase your phone’s charging speed involves turning the phone off. While you may not want to shut down the phone, you’ll notice a huge difference in how quickly it charges. Since the battery level can be affected by every app on your phone, turning the device off eliminates this factor. You won’t have to worry about shutting down specific applications or notifications when you just turn the phone off.

Similarly, figuring out how to charge your phone faster tends to be a challenge. You might not realize which applications may be draining the device’s battery more quickly. At the same time, you could spend hours thinking you’ve done every possible thing to reduce battery life. Yet, your phone will still take forever to charge due to apps running in the background. Avoid these frustrations by turning the device off and stepping away for a while to let the phone charge completely.

2. Set your phone on Airplane Mode

how to charge your phone faster - Airplane Mode

As mentioned above, your various applications can seriously drain the battery life on your phone. Notifications from messages received by text, email, or social media apps significantly affect battery percentages as well. Data used to connect to friends and family or to do other activities also diminishes the phone’s charging capabilities. All of this means that by turning your phone on Airplane Mode, you can increase the device’s charging speed.

Knowing how to charge your phone faster can be as simple as setting it on Airplane Mode. Once your phone isn’t receiving messages via Wi-Fi and cell data, it’ll get a much faster charge. This might be difficult if you’re waiting for a phone call from an important person, however. In this case, you may have to figure out a different way to power up your phone more efficiently. Thankfully, our article includes eight other tips and tricks on how to charge your phone faster.

3. Lower your screen brightness

how to charge your phone faster - Lower Screen Brightness

During the day, our phones tend to remain at a high brightness in order to be seen in bright light. When you’re traveling on a sunny afternoon, you have to turn up the brightness to view the screen. Unfortunately, this hugely diminishes your phone’s battery life, causing the device to shut down more quickly. After only a few hours in the sun, your phone might simply turn off due to your brightness level.

Since screen brightness affects battery life, lowering the brightness will help it charge much faster. While the phone remains plugged in, turn the brightness all the way down. Though you may not be able to see the screen very well, this will help it power up quickly. This also represents one of the best ways to extend your phone’s battery life while you’re traveling. If you don’t need to view the screen clearly, turn down the brightness and watch your battery life soar. Once you start doing it, you’ll realize how to charge your phone faster by simply following this tip.

4. Remove the phone case

how to charge your phone faster - Remove phone case

Many phone cases have been crafted using materials that affect the temperature of your phone. Certain kinds of cases utilize things like leather or plastics that will trap heat. When the phone has been sitting in these types of cases for long periods, the device will inevitably grow hot. This means that taking off the phone case might actually decrease the temperature significantly.

If you’re trying to figure out how to charge your phone faster, start by taking off the case. This simple action will reduce the temperature and make your phone run more smoothly. Thus, the charging process will increase in speed, letting you travel again sooner. You won’t have to spend hours waiting around for the phone to reach a full battery percentage.

5. Plug your phone into a computer

how to charge your phone faster - Plug your phone into a computer

When you’re considering how to charge your phone faster, think about plugging it into a computer. Travelers who don’t have access to wall outlets may find this a no-brainer tip for charging their phones. You won’t have to travel somewhere far to try and locate a place with an outlet to charge your device. As long as your laptop has power, you can power up your phone and go.

Make sure that the computer remains running while your phone stays plugged in. This might seem obvious, but an active computer will increase the charging speed of your phone. One detriment to this hack for how to charge your phone faster is the laptop’s own ability to charge devices. If the laptop runs slowly and has its own battery life issues, this may affect charging speed.

6. Power up using a wall charger

how to charge your phone faster - Power up using a wall charger

An even better way to charge your phone involves plugging it into a wall socket. While computers can charge your phone efficiently, charging via the wall will increase battery percentage quicker. Instead of dealing with the computer’s charging capabilities, you can bypass your laptop’s own deficiencies. Accordingly, figuring out how to charge your phone faster may be as easy as finding a wall outlet.

When you charge your phone by plugging into a wall outlet, you’ll increase the charging speed immensely. If you can find a free wall socket in your location, plug your phone into it. You’ll watch your battery level rise and rise with every passing minute. Of course, this can be an issue if you haven’t brought a wall adaptor with you. If this remains the case, you’ll have to simply plug the phone into your computer.

7. Reduce the phone’s temperature

how to charge your phone faster - Reduce phone’s temperature

When you’re trying to increase your phone’s battery level, the temperature makes a huge difference. If you’re interested in how to charge your phone faster, consider ways to reduce the phone’s temperature. Devices that overheat don’t charge as quickly, so keep them out of the sun or hot spaces. This means moving to another spot in your room or taking phones out of suffocating bags and backpacks. You’ll probably be able to tell if the phone has a high temperature simply by feeling it.

Other ways to cool down the phone include taking off the phone case, as mentioned above. Some might find that this doesn’t change the temperature at all. However, those with leathery or silicone cases may witness a big decrease in temperature once they remove their case. Additionally, you could make sure to turn off apps running in the background or reduce the screen brightness.

8. Buy a high power USB Adaptor

how to charge your phone faster - high power USB Adaptor

While travelers with strict budgets may prefer not to buy new chargers, this might be a necessity for quick charging. Certain USB adapters don’t provide a strong charge for phones, leaving you waiting for hours to power up. If you’re using an old charger, you won’t be giving your phone its best chance when it comes to charging. You might have to sacrifice a few bucks in order to save valuable time later on when powering the phone.

Thankfully, you can find countless high power USB adapters almost anywhere. You probably won’t have to spend that much money either, as various companies produce these types of chargers. If you want to know how to charge your phone faster, think about buying a new charger. At the end of the day, spending some money upfront will lead to less frustrations in the long run.

9. Charge a portable battery pack

how to charge your phone faster - Charge a portable battery pack

Want to know how to charge your phone faster? Think about purchasing a portable battery pack. If you charge these devices before you travel, you’ll never have to stop somewhere to charge your phone. Instead, you’ll get to simply plug the phone into the portable charger and keep adventuring. These products make it easy to charge phones quickly, as you won’t have to find locations to plug in chargers.

Portable battery packs also remain essential items for travelers who like to go on hiking adventures or camping expeditions. Those who spend hours or days outside won’t have access to electrical outlets and places to charge their phones. This means that portable battery packs will provide travelers with the power they need to keep phones turned on. Overall, when you’re deciding how to charge your phone faster, buying a portable charger might be a good idea.

10. Avoid checking the battery level

how to charge your phone faster - Avoid checking the battery level

While you might be anxious to see your battery level, put down the phone. By constantly turning on phones to check the charge percentage, you’re putting more strain on the battery life. As mentioned previously, the screen brightness affects the phone’s charging capabilities immensely. This means that if you’re keeping the screen on often, you’ll prevent the device from powering up efficiently.

The top tips on how to charge your phone faster tend to stress using your phone less while it’s charging. Accordingly, you’ll want to do your best to avoid the need to constantly view the battery percentage. Consider doing other tasks while you wait, instead of sitting by the phone. You might decide to book a day trip to Paris, or plan a camping expedition to locations in the U.S. Just keep yourself occupied while you wait for the phone to charge, and time will fly by.

11. Purchase an iPad Charger

how to charge your phone faster - Purchase an iPad Charger

Many travelers know that their chargers may not provide a lot of power. iPhone chargers may fail to offer the level of charging power travelers in a hurry require. This means you’ll have to wait around longer to receive a full charge on your phone. As such, travelers might find themselves annoyed while staying at home instead of embarking on their travel adventure. You don’t want to deal with phone frustrations when you’re attempting to enjoy a vacation or travel expedition. That’s why it’s important to think about how to charge your phone faster before you leave your home.

If you have the extra funds, consider buying a phone for charging iPads. These chargers maintain much greater levels of power in comparison to iPhone chargers. The iPad chargers utilize 12 watts of power, ensuring travelers have the chance to power up phones quickly. Since typical iPhone chargers only use 2.5 watts, you’ll find yourself failing to charge your phone faster with these chargers. As such, travelers may want to invest in these chargers before considering buying other devices. If you already have an iPad, this option remains a cost-free way to power up phones more efficiently.

12. Reduce Phone Usage

how to charge your phone faster - Reduce Phone Usage

As mentioned previously, when you use your phone, you slow down its charging abilities. When you’re attempting to charge your phone faster, consider reducing how often you use the phone. Travelers may find that playing games on the phone runs the battery down more quickly. Other things like using the phone’s GPS abilities or searching the internet may also reduce battery power. These types of activities also slow down the phone’s ability to charge. In this manner, think about taking some time away from phone usage in order to increase charging speed. You’ll find your phone regaining power after you decide to set down the phone to do other tasks. While you might have difficulties trying to put down your phone, consider doing it to improve charging speeds.

13. Check Apps Running in the Background

how to charge your phone faster - Check Apps Running

Sometimes, travelers might forget they have apps running in the background on their phones. You might not realize you have apps working hard even if you aren’t using them at the moment. Apps running in the background will affect your phone’s battery by making the phone utilize its various capabilities. This makes a difference when you’re trying to charge your phone faster. That’s why you should think about switching off background apps if you need to power up your phone quickly. Travelers may not even know their phone has been working extra hard as the background apps might remain unnoticeable.

14. Switch off Internet and Cellular Services

how to charge your phone faster - Switch off Internet

Like this article discussed above, travelers may find their phone charging slowly due to wifi and cellular services. These features make the phone power down more quickly, thus leading it to charge up slowly as well. In this manner, think about shutting off WiFi and 3G if you’re trying to charge your phone faster. This will help ensure that notifications and other messages don’t affect your phone’s ability to power up.

15. Utilize Battery Saving Mode

how to charge your phone faster -  Utilize Battery Saving Mode

Some phones have features that make charging them quickly much easier. When you want to power up your phone in a cinch, you can consider doing a variety of things. However, certain phones have capabilities that ensure you don’t have to do any work to enhance battery life. If your device has the ability to do so, consider putting it in battery saving mode. This feature allows travelers to reduce the amount of battery utilized simply by tapping the screen. You might find that this tip helps your phone charge faster without the need to purchasing other chargers.

Know how to charge your phone faster for more stress-free travels.

No matter where you travel, you’re most likely going to take your phone with you. This means your device needs to stay charged, so you can use it whenever you want. Unfortunately, our phones can lose power fairly quickly, leading you to find somewhere to plug them in. In these instances, travelers have to sit and wait for their phone to charge properly, causing frustrations. However, with our list of tricks on how to charge your phone faster, you’ll waste less time booting up devices. Instead of waiting around for a charging phone, you can continue on your travel adventures.

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