The United States is making history this year, due to a heavy influx of air travelers.

Vacationing in a new place is generally a pleasant experience for most. However, the joy of travel is often less associated with the rigorous process of air travel. The long security lines, flight delays, and crowded spaces Unfortunately for people this summer, it is not getting any easier anytime soon. Air travel is at an all time high this year. In fact, 2018 is ranking as the busiest summer in the history of air travel.

Expect busy airports across the country this summer.

U.S. trade group Airlines for America (A4A) projects that approximately 246.1 million people are taking to the skies this summer. This means that between June 1 and August 31, an average of 2.68 million passengers will fly each day.

Summer Air TravelOf course, with summer being the busiest season for travel, these numbers are not incredibly shocking. Airlines for America notes that another factor affecting the travel bug is the “historically low prices” of airfare. According to the report, airline pricing is down 12.5% since 2014. Travel is more affordable than ever, and as a result more and more people have the option.

To balance out the expected swell in traveler numbers, domestic U.S. airlines are adding 116,000 seats each day. The TSA is also doing its part to ensure a hassle free airport experience. They have already added 600 screeners and intend to hire 1,000 more before the craziness of summer travel hits. The TSA encourages all travelers to register for PreCheck. With this handy tool, travelers get to keep their shoes and belt on and their electronics in their bags when going through security. For just $85, you can get a five year membership.

Go ahead and plan the best trip this summer, and perhaps also plan for a little more time at the airport.

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