Be the first to experience this unique floating hotel.

If you’re looking for a different approach to travel accommodation, check out this Scandinavian masterpiece. The Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa offers a unique twist on the traditional Swedish hotels. Here at this matchless venue, guests get to enjoy the luxury of a log cabin getaway – all from the water. Yes, the Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa is a real-life floating hotel.

Climb aboard for the boat hotel ride of your life.

As the seasons change so does your experience at the Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa. In the warmer months, guests will be able to enjoy the hotel as it floats freely in the Lule River. When winter comes, of course so does the freezing weather. The river water freezes the entity in place as the temperatures drop. Naturally, a secure anchor holds the hotel in places, so it does not drift far. Climb aboard the by crossing a wooden plank, extended from the shoreline. With the open-air design of the raft, guests can view the Aurora Borealis in the night skies.

boat hotel ride

Will you be one of the first guests at the Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa?

You’re in for some rest and refreshment during your stay at the Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa. The wide array of amenities ensures that guests have a memorable experience. Enjoy the cold baths, varies water activities, and relaxing saunas while you are here. The hotel also includes a shop, guest lounge, and on-site restaurant for fine dining.

The Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa is a work in progress and is set to open in the fall of 2018. That means you can experience the floating hotel this year. Check back for any updates regarding the hotel’s construction, and to book your stay.

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