Plan your trip with the ultimate guide to the French Alps 

Are you looking to get away this winter season? Well then, we have got the place for you. The Alps are an iconic mountain range that make for the perfect dreamy winter scene. They also happen to be one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. When it comes to the Alps, their location spans several countries. Some of the mountain ranges are located in France. However, there is a great chunk of the mountain range that spans across Switzerland and Italy as well. While the Alps cover a great distance, the French Alps have become a popular destination for both honeymooners and winter sports enthusiasts. 

Today, we are going to explore some of the top beauties that the French Alps have to offer. Along with that, we have several of the best villages that are waiting to be discovered here. Finally, we have eeven rounded up some of the best hotels for you to call home during your stay here.

Why Choose the French Alps?

French Alps

The French Alps are perhaps one of the most beautiful locations in all of you Europe. And if you ask any mountain enthusiast, they might even argue the whole world. What makes the French Alps amazing is the fact that they are much more than just a popular ski location. For starters, if you are looking to experience some beautiful scenery, then the French Alps have everything to offer. 

Along with that, the quaint little villages that are located in the French Alps are simply stunning. For many villages, you might think you have fallen into a storybook because they are just so picturesque. The quaint charm found in each Village is distinctly unique. Not only that, but you are sure to absolutely fall in love. Finally, some of the best winter sports are found in the French Alps. World renowned ski resorts litter the Alps and are the places to go if you are a sports enthusiast.

When Is the Best Time to Go to the French Alps?

If we are being honest, then really any time is the best time to go to the French Alps. You will always find something happening for you to take part in. However, if you are looking for a little more specific time frames, then it all depends on your itinerary. For example, if you are looking to take part in the Tour de Mont Blanc, then the best time to go would be anytime between June and September. However, it does get a little crowded during the months of July to August. 

If you want to catch the end of the tourism season, then anytime in September is great. September can be the perfect month Because the weather will still be cool and comfortable. Along with that, you are sure to find plenty of empty trails and quiet spots that will make you feel like you are the only one in the beautiful landscape.

Where to Stay at in the French Alps?

When you are planning your trip to the French Alps, there is plenty to do and see. In fact, you might want to plan your trip so that you are here for longer than just a weekend. In fact, we recommend staying for at least a week or two. That way you can experience all the beauty that the French Alps have to offer. When you are planning your trip, there are several options as far as lodging goes. And every village you go to, you are sure to find a place to stay at. 

Now depending on the exact Village, your place of lodging may or may not be a commercial one. For example, in the smaller villages, it is best to rely on home sharing sites or communes where locals rent out rooms. If you are staying in a more populated village, then you are sure to find a ski resort to call home. Along with ski resorts, there are several other hotels and health resorts that may be available too.

What Are Some of the Best Cities to Visit?

When it comes to the villages that the French Alps have to offer, you really cannot go wrong with where you decide to visit. Every village is as charming as the next. Not only that, but there is deeply rooted history everywhere you go. Today we have rounded up some of the most popular French Alp villages to visit. For the traveler that likes to go out and relax, we have plenty of quaint and quiet French Alps villages listed for you. And for the Adventurous traveler, take your pick of some of the ski resort packed villages that are listed below.

1. Chamonix

French Alps - Chamonix

Credit: Hotel Mont Blanc

One of the top rated places to visit in the French Alps is the beautiful village of Chamonix. This quaint little town is located at the foot of Mont Blanc. Although the town is located at the foot of the mountain, it is still impressive standing at 4807 meters High. What makes this one of the most popular mountains is not only the fact that Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps. But this is home to the famous Tour de Mont Blanc. Along with that, the beauty here is simply stunning. During all the seasons of the year, you can expect Mont Blanc to be covered in a blinding blanket of snow. Although it is quite a hideaway, Tourists have been flocking here for years on end during the holiday seasons. 

There is plenty to consider when thinking about staying here. For starters, the beauty in Chamonix is absolutely stunning. Wherever you go in this quaint little town, you will be surrounded by the mountains that are just simply breathtaking. If you are an active traveler, then you will love that there is so much to do in Chamonix. For starters, there is plenty of hiking for you to do here. Not only that, but you can participate in climbing, mountaineering, and mountain biking. If you want to get one with the snow, then skiing is another great activity. Here in Chamonix, you will find plenty of fantastic ski resorts to call home. Along with the ski resorts, there is a popular commune called Les Houches. This commun is tucked in between an array of farms. Although a bit secluded, you will find plenty of hotels, restaurants, and shops here that will make your stay comfortable.

Where Should You Stay At?

In this beautiful village, it is only fitting that you stay in an equally beautiful hotel. One of the best hotels to call home while you are in the wonderful village of Chamonix is the stunning Hotel Mont Blanc. This hotel is wonderful for so many reasons. For starters, it is located right in the center of town. You can look forward to being close to everything that you need to be near. Along with that, this hotel offers wonderful amenities including a hot tub and a heated pool for you to relax in. 

There is also a great fitness center with a gym and workout room if the slopes are not enough for you. If you are traveling with children, then you will love that there is babysitting available. This way your kids can be taken care of while you head out onto the slopes. For one of the best experiences in the French Alps, the Hotel Mont Blanc is certainly one of the best hotels to stay at.

2. Annecy

French Alps - Annecy

Step into a fairytale by visiting this next location in the French Alps, Annecy. Annecy is unique because it is simply stunning. The narrow canals of the Thiou River are part of what makes this town so beautiful. During the spring and summer time, you will find potted flowers that line the canal. Overgrown bushes that are blooming with colorful buds will make you envious of the neverending beauty. Not only that, but look forward to swans swimming up and down the canals. The beauty here will have you scratching your eyes in disbelief.

One of the best places to wander around when you are in Annecy is the town's medieval quarter. There are cobblestone streets that were made for strolling around in. Be sure to stroll around on the small footbridges that are reminiscent of the beauty of Venice's footbridges. While you are at it, it is worth your while to stop by one of the town's most popular streets, Rue Sainte-Claire. This street is lined with buildings that date back to the 16th and 18th century. Not only that, but there are plenty of shops and restaurants for you to step into if you want to see the details of what this village has to offer. 

If you are interested in exploring the history of this town, then an important monument to visit is the Chateau D’Annecy. This Monument was built sometime in the 14th and 15th century. Along with that, it was also once home to the counts of Geneva. Today this historic monument is now a museum. It is here you will find the deeply rooted history of Annecy. From artifacts to relics to paintings to contemporary art. There is plenty for you to explore in this incredibly amazing landmark. Without a doubt, Annecy is easily one of the best locations to visit and experience in the French Alps.

Where Should You Stay At?

The beautiful of Ibis Annecy Centre Vieille Ville Is a wonderful hotel to stay at while you are in the French Alps. This hotel has some of the best features available for a comfortable stay in this quiet village. For starters, this hotel offers wonderful rooms that are not only neat and clean but are wonderfully up to date. The location of this hotel is also excellent. It is situated right in the old town. This means if you are looking for a bite to eat, everything is a couple steps away from the front door. 

Stroll around and enjoy the wonderful history that surrounds you in this contemporary hotel in the quaint little village of Annecy. During your stay here, you can look forward to standard amenities such as a bar and lounge for relaxing out of the cold in. Another great feature of the hotel is the fact that they are one of the few that welcome pets with open arms. If you are traveling with a furry partner, then this might be a fabulous choice as far as lodging goes. 

Travelers who have stayed here applaud all the features that this hotel has to offer. Last but not least, one of the best features is the fact that they are rather affordable. For an exclusive destination like Annecy in the French Alps, you will not be breaking the bank by calling the Ibis Annecy Centre Vieille Ville home for a couple of days.

3. Grenoble

French Alps - Grenoble

In the basin of the Isere Valley, you will find what once was the old capital of the region of Dauphine. This stunning city is surrounded by the iconic French Alps. The mountains surrounding it rise over 3,000 meters high. When you are here, the side of the mountains themselves is enough to keep you mesmerized. 

There is so much history rooted in the town of Grenoble. For starters, one of the most historic buildings here is the Palais de Justice. This building also serves as the Law Courts. Right off the bat, you can tell that this building was erected between the 15th and 16th century. This marvelous building exudes an early Renaissance feel that is just marvelous. But even more than that, you will find what used to happen in the building pretty astounding. It is here that marked the original meeting place of the Estates of the Dauphine. 

Another way to indulge in the history of this town is by making a trip to the Musee de Grenoble. The museum is arguably one of the best museums that France has to offer. The Musee de Grenoble is home to some of the world's most celebrated painters. You will find the art of Rubens, Philippe de Champaigne, and George de la Tour. Not only that, but one of the most celebrated works here is that of Monet. Along with that, you will find contemporary works by Picasso and Matisse here as well. Art lovers, Grebole is easily one of the best places to visit when you are in the French Alps.

Where Should You Stay At?

One of the best things about the town of Grenoble is the fact that it has so much going on. When it comes to staying here, this means you will have plenty of choices to call home. From high end luxury hotels to cozy and quaint hotels, there is a place to call your own. Regardless of what type of traveler you are.

If you are looking for contemporary luxury that is as comfortable as it is beautiful, then the Grand Hotel Grenoble Center is where you should stay at. For starters, this hotel is absolutely stunning. It is the perfect mixture of clean-cut decor and luxury. Wonderful amenities you can expect to find here include room service, breakfast buffets, and a wonderful bar and lounge. Finally, travelers who have stayed here love that this hotel is wonderfully priced. Rooms can start at as low as 81 bucks a night. For the traveler on a budget, you do not have to sacrifice luxury when looking for a place to stay at in the French Alps.

4. Evian Les Bain 

French Alps - Evian Les Bain

Credit: Daniel Jolivet

If the overbearing snow is too much for you, then make your way to the green mountain pastures that are home to Evian Les Bain. The town of Evian Les Bain is so quaint and simply gorgeous. Not only that, but there is so much to do here as well.

For starters, Evian Les Bain is an incredibly popular destination because it features a state-of-the-art health resort. Not only that, but it is known to be the place to go to if you are looking to lounge around. There is plenty of culture and entertainment for you to indulge in here as well.

If you are a music lover, then you will love that Evian Les Bain is known for its popular classical music festival. This music festival is a must for music lovers all over. Along with that, it takes place every year during the month of July. For a more proper installment of entertainment, the Antoine Riboud Theater is a great place to go to. This theater was built between the years of 1883 and 1885. Every summer, the Theatre Festival puts on performances that center around light-hearted comedies.

Overall, everything Evian Les Bain screams relaxation. If you are looking to explore the French Alps stay away from all the snow and sports, then Evian Les Bain might be the best destination for you.

Where Should You Stay At?

The stunning town of Evian Les Bain is home to an abundant number of luxury hotels. One of the best hotels to call home while staying on this island is the ever-popular hotel Ermitage, an Evian Resort. This resort is simply stunning both inside and out. The outdoor of the resort offers a stunning Alpine architecture that will have you forgetting about all your worries back home. When it comes to the rooms, there is a range of rooms you can choose from. This resort offers suites, non-smoking rooms, and family rooms. Whichever room you choose, you will be greeted with modern architecture that is oozing with luxury. 

Other amenities that you can expect to find on the resort include room service, a bar and lounge, and a spa. There is also a fitness gym with a workout center if you are looking to squeeze in a quick session before bed. We especially love that this resort offers babysitting services as well. This means that the kids will have a safe space to stay up while you and your loved one go out on some exploring.

5. Megeve

French Alps - Megeve

Credit: Megeve / Facebook

If you are a winter sports lover, then this next destination in the French Alps is the perfect place for you. Megeve is the place to go to if you are looking for some fresh snow to ski in. In fact, when it comes to the leading winter sports resorts, Megeve is known as the place to go to. There are plenty of different activities for you to enjoy here. For example, strap on your skiing gear for some exciting downhill skiing or snowboarding. If you like a little more action, then cross-country skiing is another popular activity here. For an authentic Alpine experience, Megeve has got everything you need.

When it comes to the village itself, Megeve is incredibly charming. There is a main square that is perfect for hanging around in and soaking in the beauty that surrounds you. There are also plenty of cobblestone streets that line the town. although it is a mountain village, the location has enabled to cater to all types of travelers during the different travel seasons. You will find a range of contemporary hotels to stay in. Not only that, but the boutique and shops here are wonderful for shopping around in.

Overall, Megeve offers and incredibly charming yet vibrant atmosphere. If you are looking for one of the best places to explore in the French Alps, then you cannot go wrong by settling on Megeve.

Where Should You Stay At?

One of the best places to call home in the town of Megeve is the beautiful Au Coin du Feu. This stunning hotel offers all the comforts that you would expect from a standout hotel. Guests here can look forward to key amenities including a restaurant, a bar and lounge, and a delectable Alpine breakfast buffet. There is also an excellent spa that is perfect for lounging around after a long day on the slopes.

Another one of the best hotels to stay at in this beautiful French village is the M Megeve. For starters, this hotel has got everything you could want in a comfortable stay. The interior and exterior exude a rustic mountain theme that is absolutely stunning. The woodwork on this hotel will make you feel like you are right at home on your Alpine vacation. 

Some of the best features of this hotel include the fact that you will find a relaxing spa here. Take your pick of a range of treatments that will have you relaxing like royalty. Not only that, but the restaurants and bars here are absolutely wonderful. The French dishes that are offered here are unique in their own right but are absolutely delicious. The food here dares you to step outside your comfort zone, but for a good reason.

6. Albertville

French Alps - Albertville

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

If seclusion is not your focal point when traveling the French Alps, then Albertville is a great location to stay at. Albertville is perhaps one of the busiest villages you will find in the French Alps. This high mountain town is located right where the Arly and the Isere Rivers meet. It is also in Albertville where you will find incredible sceneries surrounding you. The history of this town is just as remarkable as the beautiful location. Initially, this town was founded by King Charles Albert in the late 19th century. What makes this town unique is the fact that it has a very contemporary city plan. This makes it convenient and almost familiar for any traveler who stops by. 

There are so many wonderful things to do in Albertville. Perhaps one of the most popular things is participating in all the different recreational activities available. There are a variety of ski resorts scattered throughout that make it the perfect location if you are looking for some fresh snow. One of the best ski resorts that called Albertville home is the La Clusaz ski resort. If you are here during the colder months, don't be surprised if this ski resort is packed. It is a popular destination for all winter sports. And it is no surprise why. This ski resort is comprised of five interlinked mountain peaks. Along with that, there are 84 ski slopes for skiers to choose from. 

If you are looking to take a step back into history, then Conflans is where you will want to start. This location is the oldest part of Albertville. It lies on the top of the town and gives you incredible views of the Alpine mountains and the resorts below. You will be able to see the unique blend of history here right away. There are gothic town gates, medieval walls, and historic houses that ooze with stories of the past. If you are simply looking to explore the historic beauty, then Conflans is where you want to go.

You Should You Stay At?

Another one of the best hotels to stay in while in Albertville is the Auberge de Costaroche. This hotel is quaint and quiet and perfect for any relaxing getaway. There are many reasons that this hotel is a wonderful pick. For starters, it is not too demanding on the bank account. Rooms here are rather affordable and will stretch your budget so that you can stay for a couple more days. Along with that, the location is simply perfect. It is at the foot of the medieval town of Conflans. This location will allow you the opportunity to go on relaxing strolls or ride a bike through the incredible mountain settings that surround you.

Other Activities

The beautiful villages in the French Alps are enough to take up your whole time while traveling thorught the Alps. However, if you have time, it would be worth it to check out some of these other favorite activities that the French Alps have to offer.

Route Napoleon

French Alps - Route Napoleon

If you are going to be driving through the French Alps, then it would be in your best interest to drive via the Route Napoleon. This drive will allow you to see some of the most beautiful landscapes that the French Alps have to offer. Some of the key features to look out for are the beautiful lakes of Laffrey. These lakes are located right on the plateau of Matesine. This flat land is an iconic location because of the deep history it holds. It is here where In March of 1815 Napoleon won against a battalion that tried to stop his progression.

If you are going to be in the village of Grenoble, then this is the route that you will want to take. However, another great stop on the way is the little village of Corpse. And of course, how can you leave the church of Notre Dame de La Salette out of your itinerary? Rumor has it, it is at the location of the church where the Virgin appeared to two children in the year 1851. To commemorate this legend, a church was erected in its honor. In fact every year thousands of pilgrimage his flock to this church to see it for themselves.

Cirque du Fer a Cheval

French Alps - Cirque du Fer a Cheval

Another one of the best places to explore in the French Alps is the Cirque du Fer a Cheval. This iconic location is a mountain that is comprised of limestone. Due to the glaciers, circular shapes were carved into this limestone mountain making it a unique place to visit. For hikers, climbers and camping enthusiasts, Cirque du Fer a Cheval is one of the best places to visit in the French Alps. You have miles upon miles of idyllic and undisturbed nature waiting for you to explore here.

The Region of Sixt Fer a Cheval

French Alps - The Region of Sixt Fer a Cheval

When it comes time to take a break, you must absolutely make it a point to visit one of the most beautiful regions in France, the Sixt Fer a Cheval. The most beautiful views surround this village. It is also home to one of the most glorious waterfalls the French Alps has to offer, the Cascade du Rouget waterfall. this lovely village is lovely because of its distinct Alpine architecture that consists of high pitched roofs And steepled churches. Some of the hot spots of the town include the 13th century parish church. Alongside the church, the ancient abbey is another location to visit. Both landmarks are open to the public and are an absolute must if you on stopping by this quaint village.

Where Should You Stay At?

The wonderful thing about traveling through the French Alps while on the Route Napoleon is the fact that you will be able to literally pick wherever you want to stay. The same goes for when you are exploring Cirque du Fer a Cheval. Our recommendation for picking the best place to call home is by scouting out the village that is on your daily itinerary trip list. Instead of selecting a hotel before your travels, it might be best to play it spontaneously when you are traveling on this route. Rather, try to stick to a hotel that is centered at the village that you will be ending up in at the end of the day. This way you get to really explore the culture and tradition of each village without having to speed through it.

Final Thoughts

the French Alps are an incredibly beautiful location that every traveler must visit. What makes the French Alps so unique is the fact that their villages are absolutely jaw-dropping. From the quaint little village of Annecy to the robust and built up town of Chamonix. There is a beautiful location for every type of traveler to call home while exploring the French Alps. 

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