Take your pick of some cool backpacks for your next weekend getaway. 

With the fall travel season starting to slowly ramp up, the question remains, are you ready? Fall is the perfect time to get away on a nice weekend trip. But as with any weekend trip, you need to pack light. Today, we will cover some cool backpacks that are perfect for traveling light. From cute and cool backpacks, to strong hiking backpacks, we have got you covered. Take your pick from some of our favorite travel backpacks, and we are sure you will be as satisfied as we are.

1. The Jansport Superbreak Backpack

Cool Backpacks - Jansport Superbreak

If you are in the market for cool backpacks that are versatile and efficient, then the Jansport line is for you. The Jansport Superbreak Backpack is a great option to go with for any traveler. Jansport has been one of the leading brands in outdoor gear. 

Jansport has been creating quality products over the past several decades that are built to last. Their cool backpacks are no exception. We love their black on black Jansport Superbreak Backpack for any traveler. The front pocket is perfect for storing little items such as your keys and headphones. While the main pocket is ideal for all your other necessities. If you are going on a faraway adventure, you might not want to travel solo with just this backpack. However, if you are looking for the perfect backpack to throw your things in while you are hitting the road, then Jansport is for you.

Throw this cool backpack over your shoulder and go out and explore the town. While the Jansport Superbreak Backpack comes in a range of colors and designs, we recommend opting for the beige faux leather bottom Jansport Backpack. The synthetic leather on the bottom is the perfect style for any traveler no matter where you go.

2. Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack

Cool Backpacks - Carry-On Travel

With so many cool backpacks to choose from, the options are endless. If you find yourself confused about which backpack might be the best for you then let’s take it back a notch. One of the best cool backpacks on the market right now is Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack. This backpack currently comes in three colors; black, blue, and red. Right off the bat, this backpack is excellent because color options do not consume you. Although there are only three colors to choose from, you can still find a color that will work for all your style needs. 

We love that the Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack has everything that you can want in a backpack. Enjoy seamless easy to use interior storage as well as simple and easy to get to outdoor storage. If you don’t like feeling weighed down by bulky side pockets and zippers, then this is one of the cool backpacks that does not disappoint. We love that this travel backpack works very well if you are in need of a durable bag for a quick weekend getaway. If you are going on a hike, then the Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack is also a great option to go with. There a padded shoulder straps, a chest strap and a waist strap that make caring this backpack easy and effortless.

3. Hynes Eagle Weekender Carry-On Backpack

Cool Backpacks - Hynes Eagle Weekender

Next on our list of cool backpacks is the Hynes Eagle Weekender Carry-On Backpack. This backpack has a lot to offer at such a great price. Starting at only 46 bucks, you get quite a bit for your money. For starters, the look of this backpack is modern yet fashionable. We love that you can get this backpack in a range of colors too. For a sleek look, we recommend going with the black gray version that just recently came out. 

The Hynes Eagle Weekender Carry-On Backpack offers several features including much needed storage. There is a small storage option for you on the front of the bag with a bigger zip up compartment in the middle. Stash away your boarding passes with the ease on these easy access zippered pockets. Enjoying not having to stress about packing along all your belongings too. Not only that, but there are also interior compression straps that help provide maximum compression when you’re zipping this backpack up. Use the Hynes Eagle Weekender Carry-On Backpack as a carry-on option for all your belongings on a quick weekend getaway.

4. The North Face Women's Jester Backpack

Cool Backpacks - North Face Women's Jester

Ladies, don’t sacrifice your sense of style for an unflattering backpack. Go with this next popular outdoor and luggage brand, The North Face. One of the latest cool backpacks on the market right now is The North Face Women's Jester Backpack. This is one of the cool backpacks that has everything you need. For starters, you can get this backpack in a wide range of cool colors. Wear this backpack comfortably with the padded back panel and custom made molded shoulder straps. You can expect high breathability from this backpack as well where are your adventures take you.

If you are packing along an extra set of clothes, store them away in the large main compartment with ease. For smaller items take advantage of the lower small compartment. Better yet there’s an internal organization system in the small pocket that will allow you to keep all your belongings tidy all day long. For external storage, take advantage of the elastic bungee system on the front of the backpack. And finally, you can’t forget to hydrate. So pack on your favorite water bottle and easily slip it into one of the side mesh pockets. For an excellent hiking backpack, The North Face Women's Jester Backpack does not disappoint. 

5. Loungefly Disney Kingdom Hearts Characters Backpack. 

Cool Backpacks - Loungefly Disney

If the point of your backpack is more of a stylish one than a travel one, then this next backpack is for you. The Loungefly Disney Kingdom Hearts Characters Backpack with Disney villains, roses, and hearts print is the perfect fit if you’re looking for cool backpacks. Take a trip down memory lane and rock out some of the most iconic characters Disney has put out. For an edgy look, This backpack delivers. 

We love the storage available on this Disney backpack is pretty awesome too. The Loungefly Disney Kingdom Hearts Characters Backpack comes with a large main compartment as well as a small zip up compartment. The smaller compartment is pretty awesome for all your travel needs like your boarding pass and snacks. Then, there is a bigger main compartment for items such as a change of clothes or a laptop and books. If the Disney hearts and roses print do not suit your needs, then find comfort in the fact that the Loungefly Disney Kingdom Hearts Characters Backpack.  come in a range of different characters as well. Without a doubt, this line of travel gear offers some pretty cool backpacks to choose from.

6. Gysan Lightweight Waterproof Travel Backpack 

Cool Backpacks - Gysan Lightweight

Another great backpack that serves as an awesome travel backpack is the Gysan Lightweight Waterproof Travel Backpack. For starters, we love that this backpack is waterproof. This means your belongings will be nice and dry while you are out exploring. An awesome thing about this backpack is that it provides great travel capabilities but it’s also incredibly stylish and modern too.

For the traveling digital nomad, the Gysan Lightweight Waterproof Travel Backpack is the perfect backpack for you enjoy spacious storage. This is the ideal backpack to store all your laptop and computer needs. The two interior slip pockets make it easy to keep track of small additional items like SD cards and USB chips. While the front pockets are perfect for storing smaller items such as phone chargers and cables. We love that there is a back zipper pocket that is perfect for storing sensitive items such as your ID, wallet, and other travel documents.

Additionally, we love the different colors you can get the Gysan Lightweight Waterproof Travel Backpack in. There are a range of colors to choose from so you are sure to find one to fit your style. Finally, attention to detail is what sets the Gysan Lightweight Waterproof Travel Backpack from other cool backpacks. There is an accented brown leather along the zippered pockets that make this backpack stand out and easily recognizable in a crowd. For the digital nomad, rest assured that all your electronics will stay safe and secure in this waterproof nylon backpack.

7. Aiduy Canvas Laptop Backpack 

Cool Backpacks - Aiduy Canvas

Another backpack that we absolutely love is the Aiduy Canvas Laptop Backpack. This lightweight canvas bag is perfect for any college student who is also a frequent traveler. Throw some things into this perfect carry-on backpack and you are set for your weekend adventure. 

We love that the material used on the Aiduy Canvas Laptop Backpack is of high quality. The durable lightweight canvas will not rip or tear. Especially when you stuff it with heavy items such as laptops, books, and spare clothes.The padded adjustable straps and padded back make it comfortable backpack to carry around when you are hopping from flight to flight. 

Whether you’re doing some light hiking or going on a casual day trip this is one of the cool backpacks that will deliver. Customize this backpack to your taste by choosing one of the many colors and styles that this backpack comes in. Finally, we love that the company Aiduy offers complete satisfaction. Aiduy guarantees that you love this bag or they will refund your purchase at 100%. For stylish backpack at that works double duty as a great travel backpack this one is the way to go.

8. Kipling City Pack Backpack

Cool Backpacks - Kipling City Pack

If you are a traveler looking to explore a bustling city sometime soon then this is one of the cool backpacks that must be part of your travel gear. The Kipling City Pack Backpack it’s a great fit for any city explorer. This backpack offers such convenience storage. The great storage starts with its front zip up pocket. Securely store small items like your keys and receipts safely all in one central place. 

We love that this backpack offers so much organization. When you open up the main compartment, you will be greeted with several interior zip up pockets that are perfect for storing loose change, wallets, and small personal items. While the main compartment is a zip up closure, there is a button up additional cover that adds to the style of the design of this backpack. Hold everything in one place securely and neatly with this great backpack from Kipling. For the organized traveler who likes to keep everything tidy and neat, you will be glad to know that money spent on this backpack is money well spent. Enjoy convenient travel with one of the coolest backpacks on the market.  

9. High Sierra Loop Backpack

Cool Backpacks - High Sierra Loop

This next backpack is from the High Sierra brand. High Sierra is known for making quality and cool backpacks among other outdoor gear products. Right off the bat, you know you are getting a quality backpack at an awesome price. We love that this backpack offers an ample of amount of storage that will keep you organized throughout your travels. There are generous amounts of main compartments that house multiple pockets that will help keep everything nice and secure. Not only that but for the digital nomad, there is a dedicated sleeve specifically for your tablet. 

Know that you can pack everything and keep it secure with the compression straps that are designed to keep everything nice and secure wherever you’re going. For extra items such as a jacket and sleeping bags, there are straps that provide ideal external storage too. Finally, we love that there is a monster metal clip. This metal clip is perfect for attaching a water bottle, a flashlight or any other traveling gear you may need. With an array of colors and styles available, you are sure to find the best fit for your style.

Final Thoughts

Traveling does not have to include bulky travel luggage anymore. There are plenty of cool backpacks to choose from. Whether you are looking for a great backpack to explore the town with, or a great carry on backpack to take with you, you have come to the right place. For the traveling nomad, you will be glad to know that these cool backpacks are some of the best if you are packing along electronics. Wherever your adventures take you, make sure to do it with stylish and cool backpacks.

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