Stay Warm in the Coleman Silverton 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Here’s something terrifying; you head out into the wilderness to enjoy some quality time while sleeping under the stars. It’s winter and the temperature will likely drop below freezing (a great time to camp, by the way, because of the lack of bugs). Still, that’s not the terrifying part. Out here, the bears aren’t the scariest part either (they’re hibernating anyway). Nope, the scariest part is this: you just bought a new sleeping bag and you have no choice but to trust it. Can it keep you warm in those freezing temperatures? Don’t live in that fear! Let us point you towards a great 0 degree sleeping bag.

A Little About Coleman Sleeping Bags

0 degree sleeping bag

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Coleman dates back to 1900 (yes, that’s not a typo). This is when W.C. Coleman began selling gasoline-fueled lamps for working outdoors at night. Since then, the company has become experts in products that aid your outdoor adventures. The Coleman sleeping bags offer simplicity and quality that’s affordable. Their wide variety of options means that you’ll be able to find just the right sleeping bag for your adventure. Since Coleman can sympathize with everything that sleeping outside entails, they’ve created some well-thought out products, including this 0 degree sleeping bag. The Coleman Silverton 0 Degree Sleeping Bag does its job exactly as you want it to; this bag will keep you warm when it’s cold!

Coleman Silverton 0 Degree Sleeping Bag Features & Benefits

You'll Be Warm When It's Cold

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A zero-degree sleeping bag means that you won’t freeze to death in such extreme low temperatures.  Everyone’s ideal temperature for sleeping comfortably varies, as will expectations for how a sleeping bag performs.  Therefore, let’s make sure you have some fair expectations for this zero-degree sleeping bag. When it’s cold outside, this Coleman Silverton will keep you truly warm. When it’s warm outside, this Coleman sleeping bag will be too warm. That’s a good sign if you’re looking for a really warm sleeping bag in freezing temperatures.

How can it be so warm for such a great price, you might ask? A few features ensure it’s warmth and affordability. First, it’s made from a synthetic material (as opposed to the expensive option: down). This synthetic material is a polyester lining and a polyester ripstop cover. That inside, insulating layer is warm because it has been constructed with Coleman’s trademarked “Coletherm,” a lightweight, hollow polyester lining. Additionally, the Thermolock draft tube runs along the zipper to make sure that you don’t lose some precious heat through an otherwise weak spot. Additionally, the sleeping bag features the offset, quilt pattern with double batting. This means that the stitching pulls the fabric together in a way that prevents little “canals” where cold air could reach your body.

And lastly, the mummy shape of the sleeping bag wraps in your warmth. It’s necessary for the material to keep your body heat all wrapped in. There’s not much extra room in this 0 degree sleeping bag, so you’ll be tucked in nice and warm!

Snag-Free Zipper

0 degree sleeping bag - Snag-Free Zipper

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Since you’re considering options for a zero degree sleeping bag, you’re likely most concerned with its ability to keep you warm. We’d argue that the second most important credential is the zipper. You’ll want to forgo other sleeping bag options that will leave you frustrated when you’re getting in and out (though maybe your blood-boiling from a stuck zipper is a tactic to keep you warm). You won’t encounter the frustrating zipper snag with the Coleman Silverton 0 degree Sleeping Bag. That’s all thanks to the Coleman ZipPlow. This is an additional piece on the zipper that plays just the role you would expect. The triangular shaped plastic “plows” away the material so the zipper won’t run over the fabric. The best part? It actually does what it says it will. No more zipper frustrations for you.

“Adjust” to Your Comfort Level

You’ll find a couple features to help regulate your temperature on those frigid nights. The two-direction zipper means that you can open the bottom for some ventilation. Stuff the pillow pocket to create a pillow for yourself. Then, you can use the drawstrings on the hood to regulate the temperature around your head. Draw it in close to keep the heat in, or loosen up for some better ventilation. The box shape at the bottom of this mummy bag allows for a bit more room by your feet, for your comfort.

It's Durable

0 degree sleeping bag - Durable

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The bag’s material is warm, yet lightweight. Another desirable feature for the material of a 0 degree sleeping would be its durability. The Coleman Silverton Zero Degree Sleeping Bag is made from tough, ripstop-reinforced polyester that will resist tears. Plus, you can send this durable sleeping bag through the washing machine with no problems (yet another perk of this sleeping bag!).

What Travelers Are Saying About this 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Travelers and campers love this 0 degree sleeping bag. Those who love it have searched far and wide for two great qualities in a sleeping bag: warm and budget-friendly. People appreciate the fact that price doesn’t inhibit them from purchasing the Coleman Silverton Zero Degree Mummy bag as a “winter camping bag.” Besides the price, though, the quality of the sleeping bag is still there, so it’s very warm. Others report even needing to zip open the bottom, since they were too hot in below-freezing temperatures

For those (like us) who aren’t really ever totally warm during winter temperatures, this sleeping bag still keeps us warm! Customers report that the zippers work extremely well. They glide smoothly and the zipper plow works as it should. Therefore, many other Coleman customers are zipping in and out of this warm sleeping bag with no problems. Know that this sleeping bag isn’t ideal for backpacking; it’s too heavy for that. However, for “car camping” in the winter, this bag will keep you warm!

Alternative Sleeping Bags

Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag

Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag is another great 0 degree sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is slightly bigger than the Coleman Silverton. This North Rim Sleeping Bag keeps you warm when temperatures are even below zero! The temperature ratings are slightly lower than the Coleman Silverton, meaning that you’ll want to purchase this sleeping bag for even more extreme, cold temperatures. The Coleman North Rim still has the many Coleman features to keep you warm. The draft tube helps to make sure that heat doesn’t escape. The polyester material, quilted and covered, traps in your body heat. Zippers work smoothly, thanks to the ZipPlow. The hood allows you to draw in the sleeping bag around your head for extra warmth.

Coleman Exponent Women's Klickitat X 0-Degree Mummy Bag

Women's Klickitat X 0-Degree Mummy Bag

Coleman advertises this  0 degree sleeping bag to be made for women, as well as good for backpacking. This “women’s” sleeping bag is designed to be a bit slimmer, but other than that, there’s not much of a difference. The sleeping bag weighs 3.8 pounds, so we aren’t totally convinced that it would make a great bag for backpacking, as its advertised. However, this Coleman sleeping bag will keep you warm in the below-freezing temperatures. That’s all thanks to the Climashield, polyester insulation, and draft tube. There’s even extra insulation at the feet and torso. Extra bonuses include the adjustable hood, the fact that it is machine-washable, and the included stuff sack.

Coleman Realtree Xtra Camo 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Coleman Realtree Xtra Camo 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

This 0 degree sleeping bag offers many of the same features as the Coleman Silverton 0 Degree Sleeping Bag reviewed above. However, this one is orange and camo! On this sleeping bag, you’ll find Coletherm insulation, the zipper plow and draft tube. This bag promises to keep you comfortable, even when it’s zero degrees outside. Because it’s primary focus it to keep you warm, this sleeping bag wouldn’t make a great backpacking bag. It is pretty bulky and weighs slightly over five pounds. The Coleman Realtree Xtra has a temperature rating that’s even lower than the Coleman Silverton. That means you’ll want this sleeping bag if you’re truly going to be out in the close-to-zero temperatures.

Don't Ruin a Winter Camping Trip; Let Coleman's Silverton Keep You Warm

For those upcoming winter camping trips, you'll want the Coleman Silverton 0 Degree Sleeping Bag. Even if you're not big on winter camping, this sleeping bag's affordability means that you can buy it “just in case” your friends drag you along to camp in February in New Hampshire. No longer will you have to live in fear of a sleeping bag not performing for you. It's a scary risk, holding a brand-new sleeping bag up to the test, but our Coleman Sleeping Bag Review here should provide you some assurance. The zipper works well, and it is warm, comfortable, machine washable and durable; all qualities you want in a sleeping bag!

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