Cheap tote bags can be the catch-all for your things whether you’re at the pool, gym, grocery store, or even traveling across the country.

We’ve all tried to make it work with a large purse or small duffel. But, neither of those work for toting around extra things quite as well as you’d like. First off, you don’t want to empty your purse or work bag in order to load up for the pool. Secondly, that duffel just looks a little out of place at the coffee shop. Instead of taking your expensive purse to these places, invest in a cheap tote bag. If you can't choose one of the tote bags, grab a few. These bags have one large, helpful pocket and easily hold everything you need. Whether it’s your laptop and lunch or a stack of books you can’t wait to take down, these cheap tote bags can hold it all. If you can't choose just one, purchase a few to have one bag for each activity. So, let’s jump into the list of our favorite cheap tote bags.

Caixia Women's Tropical Pineapple Canvas Tote Shopping Bag

cheap tote bags - Caixia Women's

Our first choice for a solid cheap tote bag is as simple as it gets. The Caixia Women's Tropical Pineapple Canvas Tote Shopping Bag is simple, budget-friendly, and adorable. The tote is made of 100% cotton, making it easily washable and sturdy. The pink pineapples grace the yellow-beige background adding the perfect bit of girly fun to this easy tote. You can purchase this tote with an open top or a zipper closure. The open top is perfect if you just plan on sliding things in and out. But, if you plan on carrying many little things or want to toss it nonchalantly on the pool deck, think about zipping those valuables shut.

The two handles on top make this cheap tote bag easy and sturdy for carrying. The handle drops just over ten inches, making it a great length to throw around your shoulder and not hang low. There is one interior open pocket that can easily hold a pen, cell phone, and your wallet with ease. Overall, the size is 13 by 14.5 inches. While there is a not a width to this bag, it can still hold a few books but is not the largest of our cheap tote bags. So, if you’re looking for the smallest and cheapest to still look chic around town, the Caixia Women's Tropical Pineapple Canvas Tote Shopping Bag is a fantastic choice.

BEKILOLE Women's Stylish Waterproof Nylon Tote Bag

cheap tote bags - BEKILOLE Women's

For a more sophisticated style, look to the BEKILOLE Women's Stylish Waterproof Nylon Tote Bag. Looking like many expensive, preppier purses, this is one of our favorite cheap tote bags. The outside is made of high-quality, waterproof, yet lightweight nylon. It is fully lined with dark fabric to help keep stains and dust hidden. The two handles are made of PU leather which will hold up for quite a while. The main compartment has a zipper closure with a PU leather flap to keep it closed. The inside is also made for the organizer. Two interior open slip pockets grace the sides, perfect for your makeup kit or phone. The interior zip pocket keeps your wallet or sunglasses safe and scratch free. 

Between the style and the adored reviews, this is a phenomenal choice when it comes to cheap tote bags. It comes in almost thirty colors and three different sizes. From small to large, you can get one as a simple purse or a full on weekend tote bag. In addition, you can long handle or a shoulder strap. These make it a great bag for travel or if you have broad shoulders that usually impede on a shoulder strapped bag. Either way, you decide to go with customizing your BEKILOLE Women's Stylish Waterproof Nylon Tote Bag, know that you will be looking fresh. We think this is one of the best choices on our list of the most practical but cheap tote bags. 

ArcEnCiel Women's Canvas Shoulder Tote Bag

cheap tote bags - ArcEnCiel Women's

The most simple things can often be the best. The ArcEnCiel Women's Canvas Shoulder Tote Bag is one of those. Practical stripes on a sturdy cotton canvas bring you style and sophistication at a low cost. Being one of our favorite cheap tote bags, we know that ArcEnCiel put some effort into making this a solid budget-friendly option. Being 13 inches high, 12.6 inches in length, and 3.5 inches deep, it can hold quite a bit. It can easily hold a laptop with a few extras or all the family water bottles. It is lined as well with a zipper closure. This allows the crumbs to be shaken out but the snacks to be contained from searching hands when needed.

Inside, the ArcEnCiel Women's Canvas Shoulder Tote Bag is made quite simply as well. The main compartment has one zipper pouch inside to keep your essentials locked away. This tote, being as practical as it is, is a great choice for a day trip, vacation, personal item for your weekend getaway, or even school. Of course, it can always be that reusable shopping bag you forget to bring into the store every week. Whatever you put your cheap tote bags to work for, this is a great choice for under twenty dollars.

ZORESS Multi-functional Nylon Shoulder Waterproof Tote Bag

cheap tote bags - ZORESS

If you’re looking for the largest and most pocketed of our cheap tote bags, this one is for you. The ZORESS Multi-functional Nylon Shoulder Waterproof Tote Bag is first and foremost made of waterproof and stain resistant nylon. This makes it a perfect go-anywhere tote or even diaper bag. It is easy to wipe clean and is durable enough to withstand many machine washes. As far as the structure goes, the main compartment zips closed. Within the main pocket is two snap-shut smaller pockets for organizing. Even with the main compartment closed, you have access to a smaller but still sizable wallet pocket. For quick access to your things, you can toss them in here. This open side also has a phone and document pocket for your itemizing pleasure.

This is one of the largest of our cheap tote bags. Being almost nineteen inches wide, it can truly be the Mary Poppins bag of our list. Additionally, there is a large scoop pocket on the outside. This is handy for those items you need to grab quickly, whether it's hand sanitizer for the kids or your sunglasses. The final feature of this that we love is the waterproof umbrella pocket on the bottom. Simply fold up your umbrella and sneak it in there so you don’t have to carry it around dripping wet. Don’t worry, it won’t wet anything inside your purse! All in all, travelers love this bag and tend to use it as a carry-on, beach bag, or all around everyday bag.

DALIX Striped Boat Bag Premium Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

cheap tote bags - DALIX Striped Boat Bag

For your go-to beach bag, look no further than the DALIX Striped Boat Bag Premium Cotton Canvas Tote Bag. Made of durable cotton canvas, this large tote is ready to take on whatever you throw at it. It has one large outer pocket perfect for your water bottle or other things you want easy, quick access to. The top zips shut to keep everything nicely tucked away. With nine-inch drop handles, it will easily fit on your shoulder for any stroll around town as well. The DALIX Striped Boat Bag Premium Cotton Canvas Tote Bag comes in a multitude of colors, all featuring a two-toned striped pattern. You can even get it in a patriotic stars and stripes style for your Independence Day cookout!

The DALIX Striped Boat Bag Premium Cotton Canvas Tote Bag is quite handy as far as cheap tote bags go. Being 23 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 6 inches deep, it is ready for your beach towel, among other things. It is important to note that a few users of this bag have not been careful when washing it. Sometimes, the colors bleed slightly if not washed correctly, so do follow the directions! Lastly, if you like embroidery, this is a great choice for a cheap tote bag. The large outer pocket is all one color allowing it to be the perfect backdrop for personalization. So, if you’re in the market for the largest of our cheap tote bags, keep this one in mind.

When it comes to cheap tote bags, you can never have too many. You can order every single one of these stellar bags or grab multiples of your favorite.

Whether you’re looking for a great beach bag or a new personal item for your weekend excursion, these cheap tote bags will fit the bill. From sophisticated to incredibly practical with pockets, there is a myriad of options to choose from. Because each of these choices is easy on the wallet, you can save a little bit more for your next adventure. From pineapples and pockets to the easy practicality of the Zoress tote bag, you can find one that fits you perfectly. So, go from work to the store easily with a cheap tote bag or have one for each activity. They are great from the beach to the gym and will keep you organized and ready at a moments notice. 

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