Are you in the market for some cold weather apparel?

With the heat of summer well upon us, winter might be the last thing on your mind. Maybe the only cold you have experienced over the past few months has been the sweet relief of air conditioning and the occasional ice cream cone. However, Christmas in July is a real thing and before you know it the climate conditions will drop.

Save yourself from getting caught off guard from chilly temps by planning ahead for the winter season. Give your cold weather gear stock a once over and start making note of what you need to buy. If your winter boots are looking a little pitiful, it might be time to hit the market for a new pair. But when exactly is the best time to buy winter boots? This niche market tends to fluctuate in pricing, so if you are on a budget it helps to know the ideal window of opportunity.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Winter Boots?

best time to buy winter boots

Naturally, as with any seasonal fashion, it pays to purchase ahead of time. If you wait until mid to late fall, your winter apparel pricing is going to be significantly higher. Unfortunately, this is what most people tend to do. Skip the woes of overpriced winter boots this year and plan your shopping spree accordingly. You can often take advantage of sales immediately after the Christmas season and score a pair of affordable winter boots.

Additionally, the winter apparel market tends to offer the best deals on the cusp of spring. As the warmer weather rolls in, most shoe and clothing stores put their winter gear on sale. This is to make room for the new spring fashions. Many stores also do their annual inventory during the first quarter of the year. Planning your shopping trip right before this time is the best, as there will likely be some noteworthy sales.

Of course, you might get also caught up in the spring weather excitement as winter draws to a close. Don’t let this distract you from sales on the gear you need. Before pulling out your sandals and visor, do a thorough inventory of your winter collection. Once you know what you need, hit the market and get a jump on your needs for next year.

If you prefer fashion over frugality, your best bet for winter boots might be during late summer or early fall. Typically retailers roll out the latest winter trends around this time, so your window of opportunity is good. Of course, the latest fashions will almost certainly come at full price, with little room for good deals.

Planning the Best Time to Buy Winter Boots

Winter Boots

To locate some great winter boots for the next season, you must first know where exactly to look. Many major department stores have annual winter sales to cut down on their gear stock. Nordstrom typically hosts a massive sale during this time of year including plenty of winter boots to choose from. You can snag up to 40% off on brands like Cole Haan, UGG, Hunter, and G.H. Bass & Co.

Helpful Tips for Buying Winter Boots

When trying on winter boots, it is important that they are the right style and fit for you. Especially if you enjoy vigorous outdoor activities in the colder months, you will need a pair of shoes that are comfortable. When trying on your winter boots, use the socks that you will wear with them later. Be sure to try the boots on both feet to ensure total comfort. It is also helpful to try on your boots in the afternoon if you can, after you have been on your feet for a while.

The most important parts of winter boots are warmth, grip, and comfort. Your shoes should be able to help keep traction during even the iciest conditions and keep your toes warm in the process. Check the soles of the boot to see if they will hold up (and hold you up) throughout all your wintery excursions.

Now You Are Ready to Build a Snowman

Now that you know the best time to buy winter boots, you can start planning ahead for all that wintery fun. Win the season with the best cold weather apparel, at the best cost to you.

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