It can often be a challenge to find the cheapest flights.

When it comes to air travel, the cheaper the better. You likely know that airfare prices vary significantly depending on the dates and times booked. Travelers may check the price of their desired flight one day and then the next day discover the price changed more than they expected. If you have a bit of insider intel beforehand, you can hack the system, in a sense. When you know the best time to book a flight, you don’t need to continually check what is out there. Take our word for it, if you strategically search for your flights, you can always ensure you find the most affordable pricing out there. We have a few pieces of advice to help with this.

Here are some tips to help you narrow down the best time to book a flight.

Is Tuesday still the best time to book a flight?

best time to book a flight

If you have done any kind of travel research, you might be familiar with the common belief that Tuesday is the cheapest day to book a flight. For the longest time, Tuesday was considered the official day to purchase airline tickets. Of course, you can still book your flight on this day, especially if you come across a good deal. These days, the airline promotions abound, and so do the times you can snag them. Since many business travelers tend to purchase their flights during weekdays, weekends are the ideal time to snag a deal. Book your tickets on a Sunday for the most options.

How far in advance should I book my flight?

If you are thinking about that big trip you want to take next year, you may want to get the ball rolling for bookings. Hotel and Airbnb rooms are best booked as far in advance as possible, just so you get the accommodation you want during the time you need. However, it is okay to wait just a bit when it comes to airfare. Booking last minute flights doesn’t have to be an anxiety causing thing. It turns out that the ideal window of opportunity for flight pricing is booking your airline tickets between six and seven weeks in advance. Airfare trip costs can vary by hundreds of dollars in the weeks leading up to your trip, so start planning your purchase for a little over a month before you leave.

When are the cheapest days to fly?

The day of the week you travel really does matter if you want to get the best deal. Before you book your trip, ask yourself if the dates you have in mind are flexible, just in case you come across an unbeatable deal. A study conducted by concluded that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the cheapest days to fly. If your flights are international, keep in mind that weekdays are more affordable than weekends. Domestic flights cost the most for Friday and Sunday bookings.

Set your alarm.

best time to book a flight - set alarm

Red eye flights earned their notorious name for a reason. Unless you have some superhuman travel power, you likely stumble off early morning flights with bloodshot eyes and an uncontrollable hankering for a double espresso. Of course, you can probably guess that these flights are the cheapest. Early morning take-offs, overnight flights, and the first flight of the day are all the most affordable times to fly. So set your alarm (or five) and prepare to wake up extra early

Now you know the best time to book a flight.

Booking an affordable flight doesn’t have to be a stressful task if you keep these helpful tips in mind. Check your calendar and do your research before you hit the book button. With a little super sleuth action, you can get the best deal on the travel market every time. Don’t let the daunting task of flight booking hold you back from your travel goals. Now that you have the inside scoop, you are ready to start planning the trip of your dreams.

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