In the market for a compression sack? Let's review the AegisMax Compression Sack to see if it is the best pick for you!

Scooch over packing cube and travel duffel bags because compression sacks are where it is at. If you are a hiker, biker, water explorer, or just a traveler in general, then you know that storage is important. When you are traveling, having a proper way to store your belongings can be the difference between an enjoyable and burdensome trip. If you are in the market for purchasing a compression sack, then this review of the AegisMax Compression Sack will help narrow your choices.

An in Depth Review of the AegisMax Compression Sack

If you are a hiker, traveler, or someone who just needs a little help packing when you move from one location to another, then consider getting your hands on a compression bag. With the range of selections available to choose from, it can be difficult to make your pick. Today we are going to narrow the choices and take an in-depth look at a specific one: AegisMax Compression Sack. The AegisMax Compression Sack Review is one of the chart topping compression sacks that has been getting a lot of attention lately. But is this compression sack really worth it? In this review, we are going to take an in depth look at the pros and cons of this sack. We will be looking at its design, durability, specks, price point, and overall quality of the AegisMax Compression Sack

What Is a Compression Sack?

A compression sack is simply what the name suggests. It is a sack that compresses all the contents so that you can carry your belongings more efficiently. You may have seen one before but not realized it. Many hikers and travelers, in general, sport them. The shape of a compression sack makes them fairly easy to spot. Compression sacks are usually cylindrical in size. Many people use compression sacks to hold sleeping bags, clothes, and other travel material. Essentially, a compression sack stores all your contents and then compresses them by allowing you to close the sack via sinch clips. Compression sacks come in different sizes to accommodate the different types of travelers that exist. An added plus is that unlike most other travel bags, you can find compression sacks in waterproof and non-waterproof versions. This is super appealing to travelers who do a lot of water and sports activities.

According to customer reviews, the design of the AegisMax Compression comes with some ups and some downs. While overall, reviews seem to favor the AegisMax Compression Sack, there have been some negative drawbacks. Here is the consensus among people who have purchased the AegisMax Compression Sack.

Why We Love the AegisMax Compression Sack

From the design to the specks to the overall product, here are the reasons we love the AegisMax Compression Sack.

AegisMax Compression Sack

Credit: Amazon

1. The Design

We love the overall look of the AegisMax Compression Sack. The standard lime green color that it comes in is very modern. Surprisingly, the lime green color of the AegisMax Compression Sack does not make it unappealing to most customers. Rather, it is a perfect distinction that makes it easy to locate the bag. This can be helpful if you ever check your bags when traveling and need to pick it up at baggage claim. Spotting it is a breeze. The color is also ideal if you are traveling in a group and need to be located in a crowd.

As opposed to other comparable compression sacks, the AegisMax Compression Sack comes with three sinch straps. This appeals to some customers because it makes the bag look less cumbersome. One of the straps is a quick release strap. This is an added plus for the bag because it allows you to quickly access the contents of the bag without too much difficulty.

AegisMax Compression Sack Design

Credit: Amazon

2. The Durability

The durability of the fabric and straps are great because they hold up well. The straps come in adjustable sizes which add to the versatility of the AegisMax Compression Sack. The bright orange buckles are also a plus because they are easy to use and secure your contents without question. The consensus is that the overall durability of the AegisMax Compression Sack is impressive. This is not as surprising because the sack is made out of waterproof coating ripstop nylon. Because of this, the material makes the bag durable enough to withstand even the harshest of conditions. We also love that the AegisMax Compression Sack is waterproof. This makes it an ideal sack for travelers or outdoor enthusiasts who love water sports such as kayaking. Finally, the bag comes in a variety of sizes that suit the needs of the different types of travelers.

3. The Specs

There are five different sizes that the bag is currently sold in. Below are the specs of the different sizes.

  • XS:D15cm/6in×H35cm/14in 2L-6L(For down bags below 600g/1.32lbs);Weight:about41±5g
  • S: D18cm/7in×H40cm/16in 3.3L-10L(For down bags below 1000g/2.2lbs);Weight:about53±5g
  • M: D20cm/8in×H46cm/18in 4.5L-14L(For down bags below 1300g/2.86lbs;);Weight:about61±5g
  • L: D23cm/9in×H50cm/20in 6.7L-20L(For down bags below 1800g/3.96lbs;);Weight:about70±5g
  • XL:D27cm/10in×H58cm/23in 10L-30L(For down bags below 2500g/5.5lbs;);Weight:about85±5g

The extra small and small AegisMax Compression Sacks make for great storage of small personal items. If you are going scuba diving, kayaking or any other outdoor adventure, then the small sizes are handy. You can easily and safely store your personal belongings like keys and wallets.

For overall travel, the large and extra large sizes make for great storage options. You will be able to comfortably house everything you need in one location.

AegisMax Compression Sack Specs

Credit Amazon

4. The Price Point

The bag is fairly reasonably priced. The price ranges from 10 dollars to 20 dollars depending on the size you purchase. The reasonable pricing makes the AegisMax Compression Sack the ideal back for first time compression sack owners.

Why We Don't Love It

While there are many reasons to purchase the AegisMax Compression Sack, customers have expressed their opinions on reasons why you shouldn't. Here is the consensus among customers who bought AegisMax Compression Sack and why they say it may not be the best purchase for you. (It should be noted, that many of the complaints about this product seem to stem from customers not handling the product properly.)

1. The Design

Design: While the design of the bag is appealing to some, the lack of variety is disappointing to others. As of now, the AegisMax Compression Sack comes in only one color; the lime green. There is no specification as to whether or not AegisMax will expand on their color options, but as of now, the standard color will have to be your only option. Becuase of the ultra light and ultra thin material, some customers who have purchased the  AegisMax Compression Sack have expressed that the contents of the AegisMax Compression Sack may stick out because of the material on the sides not being stiff enough.

2. The Durability

The Durability: Although the bag is pretty durable for its price point, be forwarned. It is definitely not made with the best material available. This means that customers who purchase this bag must take extra care of it in order to make the purchase last. Customers have complained that the thin material may make it more susceptible to rips and tears. But if it is handled with a reasonable amount of care, keeping the product intact should not be an issue. The AegisMax Compression Sack is not the most expensive sack on the market, and as the saying goes: you get what you pay for. Because the material of the bag is ultra light and ultra thin. It may not be the most appealing for those who are looking for extreme durability.

Customers who have purchased the AegisMax Compression Sack have also noted the disappointment in having only three straps. Most other comparable compression sacks come with four straps to reinforce the compression. This can be a bit tricky. To override this, you have to be a bit more intentional in how you pack your AegisMax Compression Sack.

Here is a tip: Many customers encourage other customers to not pull on the straps when compressing contents. Instead, customers have found it most helpful to use your body to compress the AegisMax Compression Sack before closing it.

3. The Specs

The Specks: Overall, the complaints about the specs are far and few. There have been complaints about the capacity. come customers complain that the AegisMax Compression Sacks do not hold the weight that they are advertised to hold. Many customers have expressed adding one to Two inches in the measurement size when selecting the AegisMax Compression Sack size of their choosing. That way, you can be certain you are getting the best size for your needs.

4. The Price Point

The Price Point: The AegisMax Compression Sack is a fairly reasonably priced compression sack. The price point makes it an ideal bag if you are an outdoor enthusiast who is looking to purchase their first compression sack. Customers have expressed that they do not feel the AegisMax Compression Sackalthough is overpriced. They have also expressed that you get a fair amount of bang for your buck. This is because of the design and overall durability of the bag.

AegisMax Compression Sack Price

Credit: Amazon

The Verdict

Overall, the customers who have purchased this product have expressed that it is worth it. The price point is reasonable because it is not overly priced. Furthermore, you get a pretty good product for what you pay for. For claims that the bag has ripped or has not proven to be durable enough, an overwhelming amount of customers have a reasonable solution: Handle the  AegisMax Compression Sack with care. If you treat the AegisMax Compression Sack with a reasonable amount of care and are intentional about not overextend the straps or material in general, it should last you a reasonable amount of time. For this reason, many customers conclude that the AegisMax Compression Sack is the perfect sack to purchase for novice outdoor enthusiast who is in the market for their first compression sack. It does not go without saying that the  AegisMax Compression Sack is an equally impressive compression sack for the seasoned outdoor enthusiast who is looking for a way to store their belonging. We give the AegisMax Compression Sack a solid 4 out of five rating. Visit Amazon to get your hands on this fantastic compression sack today.

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