Explore the Rocky Mountains, the wild west, and the history of those who loved this land first. These amazing things to do in Wyoming will leave you awestruck by its natural wonders.

There's something magical about exploring the outdoors, especially in an unfamiliar place., and Wyoming is a natural beauty gold mine. Wyoming natives might say the beauty and adventure waiting in their state is one of the best-kept secrets of our time. Visiting Wyoming can truly give you a new appreciation for wide open spaces and getting out in the great outdoors. So, peruse this list of things to do in Wyoming to figure out the best ways to get all the goodness you can out of this wild and wonderful state.

1. Explore Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Perhaps the most iconic item on our list of things to do in Wyoming is visiting Yellowstone National Park. The first, and perhaps most famous, national park is centered around a volcano, creating a myriad of natural wonders. These include the Old Faithful Geyser and Mammoth Hot Springs. Watching Old Faithful erupt is a top draw here, but don’t stop there. The Morning Glory Pool and Grand Prismatic Spring are both breathtaking, the latter being the largest hot spring in America. The way the mineral water comes up from the ground and harbors microbes has created a stunning color display you can only see to believe.

For another option to get out and about, take a two-mile round trip hike to view Lower Yellowstone Falls. This waterfall is 308 feet tall, which is twice as high as Niagara Falls. So, for some impressive nature, keep this on your list of things to do in Wyoming.

If you plan your trip here during the summer, here are a few tips for staying cool and relaxing in Yellowstone. Spend a few hours trying your hand at painting the natural beauty at Artist Point. Staring down into the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone with the raging river and falls at the bottom, you will truly be in awe. When choosing a place to stay in Yellowstone, consider Old Faithful Inn. Aside from the stunning wooden infrastructure, sneak up to the third floor for a surprise. You will find a small wooden staircase leading up to the Crows Nest, an indoor treehouse with a glorious view of the park. So, if you have little kiddos who have dreamed of an amazing treehouse, make sure to include this on your list of things to do in Wyoming.

2. Become an Archeologist at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center

Wyoming Dinosaur Center

Bringing Jurassic World to you is the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. This museum and dig site might be one of the most unique things to do in Wyoming. Being centered where dinosaurs were first discovered, the museum is located at the Big Horn Basin in Thermopolis. With a full laboratory on sight, you can even have the chance to join archeologists for the day in their Dig For a Day program. You’ll have the chance to work alongside professionals in finding and documenting fossils that are still being found today.

If that sounds like too much work, you can also simply tour their museum. With a well-curated Hall of Dinosaurs, you will encounter a T-Rex charging a Triceratops! With over thirty skeletons on display, you will learn so much about our natural world. So, for a great stop with the kids – or if you’re a big kid yourself – head on over to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center!

3. Climb around on Devils Tower

things to do in wyoming - Devils Tower

The first national monument ever established, Devils Tower is a sight to behold. Rising 1,267 feet up from the valley around the Belle Fourche River, this laccolithic butte has stunning crack features. Known as a sacred spot by many Indian tribes, it is also a major draw from rock climbers. The way the large columns formed have created one of the most quintessential crack climbing spots in the world.

So, if it sounds enticing, hire a guide and try your hand at scaling up Devils tower. Take note that in June, there is a voluntary climbing closure out of respect for many tribes belief and use of the Devils Tower as a sacred place. This being said, all of the climbing you do here will be trad climbing. This means you and your guide will be placing all the gear holding you onto the rock face. So, this is one of our most daring things to do in Wyoming. If this makes you hesitate, don’t worry. There is plenty of hiking and camping to do around here as well, and you can appreciate the tower just as much from the solid ground.

4. Ski & Experience the Wonders of Jackson Hole

things to do in wyoming - Jackson Hole

No list of things to do in Wyoming would be complete without acknowledging one of the best ski spots in the country: Jackson Hole. Nestled on the border of Idaho between the Tetons and Gros Ventre Mountains, Jackson Hole may have one of the most majestic views of any city. Nestled by the Grand Teton National Park, you will have easy access to hundreds of miles of hiking trails, vast campsites, and stellar views. So, take advantage of this, including a forty-two-mile scenic drive through the mountains. If you’ve come to ski the best resort in the country, then you’re in the right place. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is world renowned for its luscious powder and quality slopes. Snow King, the other resort here, also holds its own quite well and would also be well worth your snow shredding time.

If you’re needing things to do in Wyoming in the summer, these resorts can still be a great place to go. Take the chairlift at Jackson Hole, affectionately known as “Big Red”,  to the top of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. From here you can have great views of the surrounding mountains and spend some time soaking up the majesty. Also, during summer is a great chance to go looking for wildlife. A great route for finding wildlife is to head to the National Elk Refuge. Here, you will find the largest herd of elk. Lastly, no outdoorsy town is complete without a town square. If you’re looking for a place to kick back after a long day, head to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and take a few pictures by the elk antler arches. Whatever it is you’re looking for in your outdoorsy adventure, Jackson Hole probably has it.

5. Experience Perfect Timing at the Intermittent Spring

things to do in wyoming - Intermittent Spring

This next item is simply too fascinating to leave off of our list of things to do in Wyoming. The Intermittent Spring, also known as the Periodic Spring, is located near Afton. Happened upon once by a logger, this small river flows, then stops, every eighteen minutes. Without fail, the stream appears to breathe in and out, stopping and going, rather than flowing continuously. Science has not quite figured out what makes this happen, and that is more than okay. Come here and meditate on the natural wonders that have been created. Being just a three-quarter of a mile hike from the trailhead, this natural phenomenon is spectacular and well worth your while. So, if you’re near Afton, put meditating by the Intermittent Spring on your list of things to do in Wyoming!

6. Live Through History at the Buffalo Bill Centre

Buffalo Bill Centre

One does not simply come to the Wild West and not think of Buffalo Bill. At the Buffalo Bill Centre of the West, you will have the chance to experience and explore five different museums, all speaking to different aspects of life out here. The Buffalo Bill Museum catalogs how Buffalo Bill pioneered the West before any modern forms of communication. To truly understand and appreciate all the things to do in Wyoming, I would highly recommend educating yourself here to understand how it all came to pass. There is also a stellar Natural History Museum and the Plains Indian Museum. If you have an artist in your group, check out the Whitney Western Museum of Art and the Cody Firearms Museum. Each will give you unique insight into the history of the land and people who built Wyoming and the west into what it is today.

We’ve only touched on a few of the things to do in Wyoming, but let this quick list inspire you to truly enjoy all it has to offer.

Between cowgirls and rodeos, western mansions and fascinating rock wheels, there are so many things to do in Wyoming. While we’ve named just a few, such as the breathtaking national parks and intriguing museums, don’t let that hold you back. Wyoming holds world-class whitewater rafting, backcountry hiking, astounding climbing destinations, and simply plenty of space for the whole family. If you’re coming from a city, take some time to slow down and look up. The big sky out here, far away from the big cities can be some of the best stargazing you’ll experience as well. So, we hope you’ve gotten inspired to plan your next trip to Wyoming because I sure have!

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