Recent government activity is taking a toll on the entire nation.

Most Americans are quickly realizing that the state of the government is starting to affect a number of people. Government employees are currently waiting to be paid and others strive to find ways to pay their impending bills. As the shutdown extends into its fifth week, travel reports are quickly analyzing the implications of its effects on travel. If you are wondering if the government is influencing your travels, it is. National analysis report that air travel is being affected primarily by the governmental closure.

Keep these things in mind as you travel amidst the government shutdown.


As you might have guessed, the government shutdown is influencing the salaries of TSA employees. In other words, they are not getting a salary. Every government employee is currently working for no pay at the moment, as this remain tense and uncertain. This unfortunate circumstance means that thousands of people must continue going to work, and waiting to receive back pay eventually. Of course, this less than ideal work circumstance means that plenty of employees are calling in sick.

Over the past five weeks, airports have seen a significant rise in TSA employees not arriving at work for various reasons. Of course, with less employees available to screen travelers, the wait times are quickly rising. If the government shutdown continues into February, prepare to spend much more time waiting in line for security before your flight. In fact, it is encouraged to arrive at least two to three hours early to the airport in order to have enough time. This gives you the space you might need to wait. For international flights, this is especially important. Airports like the Atlanta Airport are reporting incredible wait times within the past couple weeks, so expect this if you find yourself traveling here.

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