You can spice up your U.K. travel time by visiting an actual retirement home for sloths.

You have to admit, it is virtually impossible to dislike sloths. Their laid-back attitude and cuddly appearance make sloths a real life stuffed animal. These fascinating creatures truly live the life. Sloths spend a great majority of their day snoozing and the remainder simply taking their time. Of course, we can all learn a lesson about enjoying life and not getting caught up in the rush. But then where do sloths go as they age? As they grow older, what if there was a place for them to spend their final years? It turns out that someone has had this thought before, and it’s actually a good one.

Visit older sloths who have a comfortable home at this adventure park and zoo.

retirement home for sloths

If you want to witness these creatures within a comfortable habitat, of course it is quite possible. The Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo recently announced that they are planning to host aging sloths from other zoos. This initiative is virtually a retirement home for sloths who are getting older and need somewhere they can relax and be at peace. The Wales Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo kicked off this initiative by welcoming two aging sloths at the end of 2018.

If you visit the Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo, then you have the opportunity to pay a personal visit to the park’s first two retired sloths. Here, there is a 24 year old male sloth named Tuppee and a 34 year old female named Lightcap. They are of course set to have a comfortable remainder of their lives as they live peacefully at the Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo.

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