Visit Michigan’s capital to get a fresh look at the urban experience.

The popular travel site Lonely Planet recently released a list of the top ten cities to travel in 2018. Among their selections, you find iconic cities like Oslo, San Juan, and Antwerp. Ranking higher than any of these was a city in the United States’ Midwest region. Detroit is the capital of Michigan and an artistic hub. There is no shortage of activities here. We encourage you to explore all it has to offer.

Detroit is a delight to discover, and visit here to see for yourself.

An underdog of sorts, overall Detroit has come a long way over recent years. After declaring bankruptcy in 2013, massive steps began to ensure its future longevity. Additionally, numerous residential, commercial, and retail projects launched as Detroit began its road to recovery. These efforts proved successful, as the city is no longer financially unstable, and businesses are booming. There is no better time than now to visit Detroit.

Detroit Foundation Hotel

Credit: DFH

Some unique aspects of this city include its historic hotels and plethora of culinary experiences. While you are here, stay in the Detroit Foundation Hotel. The newest hotel on the scene, uniquely Detroit Foundation is a renovated Fire Department Headquarters. This hotel dates back to 1929. Its red brick exterior and interior marble floors preserve the original implications of this establishment.

The Detroit Institute of the Arts hosts some of the most noteworthy art collections in the United States. This museum offers a bountiful selection of over 100 galleries. For more art to explore, also check out Hittsville U.S.A. As Motown’s first headquarters, correspondingly this museum is sure to invoke nostalgia from this iconic label.

Visit Detroit in 2018 to witness a spectacular metropolis with a rich art and foodie scene. You will leave a little more cultured and full.

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