We can never have enough travel inspiration.

Social media is a powerful tool and a perfect way to keep up with the latest travel trends. You can share your adventures and witness your friends’ on the endless platforms out there. More and more people utilize social media when going on their travels. Sometimes your destination is even influenced by how “Instagram worthy” it is. How crazy is that?

But amidst all of the craziness that is the online world, you can use social media, specifically vlogging to your advantage when traveling. If you have ever enjoyed documenting your trip so much that you considered creating your own travel vlog, then this one is for you. All good ideas start with good inspiration, and there is no better way to get that than to follow some amazing travel vloggers. We have done our research and compiled a list of the best travel vloggers that we think have just the motivation you need to get out there and start having adventures of your own.

Check out these best travel vloggers.

1. Gone With the Wynns

best travel vloggers - Gone With the Wynns

Credit: Gone With the Wynns

It is hard not to like those charming traveling Instagram couples. The Wynns are all that and more. These Dallas originated travel junkies sold everything they had in 2011 and took off on an RV adventure. Jason and Nikki Wynn and their two cute cats make the perfect travel team as some of the best travel vloggers.

They have a love for small businesses, and center much of their travel experiences around locally produced products and services. Their living off the grid intentions and focus on operating a thriving business while on the road make their style one of a kind. If you follow their vlog you will surely see sailing adventures, travel business tips, and of course adorable cats.

2. Expert Vagabond

best travel vloggers - Expert Vagabond

Credit: Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten, or Matt, is a full-time photographer and adventure travel blogger. With over five million readers each year, Matt is kind of a big deal in the travel world. His engaging website shares the details of his copious adventures over the past seven years. His top three goals for sharing his trips are: travel doesn’t have to be expensive, adventure is worthwhile, and the world isn’t as dangerous as you think.

Follow Matt for some practical travel tips and entertaining stories. His page includes travel inspiration for nearly any spot you can imagine around the globe. Check him out for one of the best travel vloggers you can find out there.

3. Mr. Ben Brown

best travel vloggers - Mr. Ben Brown

Credit: Ben Brown / Facebook

Ben Brown is a British adventurer with a love for travel, and specifically water activities. Going from World Champion kayaker to YouTuber and photographer, this guy has seriously done it all. His YouTube channel has nearly one million subscribers and he shares videos of his numerous epic adventures. Ben also keeps it real in his feed, discussing the highs and lows of traveling and just life in general.

4. Fun For Louis

best travel vloggers - Fun For Louis

Credit: Fun For Louis / Facebook

You might need a cup of coffee just to watch all of the adventures this guy has. Louis Cole is a popular travel vlogger and full-time world traveler. His daily vlog posts (yes, daily) keep his viewers thoroughly updated about his latest travels. His videos share just about everything he encounters while on the road as one of the best travel vloggers. Some topics include Instagram Beach Party, Haunted Polish Salt Mine, and the World’s Longest Zipline at Sea.

5. Kombi Life

best travel vloggers - Kombi Life

Credit: Kombi Life

Kombi Life is a travel community dedicated to exploring the world, all from inside a cool van. Travel vloggers, Ben and Leah began this initiative with the hopes of sparking travel inspiration worldwide. They surely accomplished this, as Kombi Life is one of the most popular van travel channels out there and one of the best travel vloggers.

It is likely that you have caught a glimpse of this adventurous channel on one of its many social media platforms. This mainstream Volkswagen Van channel believes that travel is “the university of the world,” and a sure way to gain authentic experiences. Now Kombi Life is not just one person, but a community of people featuring unique adventure travel projects. Their website and social media offer extremely helpful travel tips about van life. You can tap into the many resources offered and even purchase a book to help you in your own adventures.

6. Hey Nadine

best travel vloggers - Hey Nadine

Credit: Nadine Sykora / Facebook

Nadine Sykora is a Canadian travel vlogger and a well weathered traveler. Her feed is both engaging and informative, with adventures including tiger safaris and Delhi exploration. Check out Nadine’s YouTube page for her latest adventure videos, as well as extensive travel hacks and tips. She shares secrets about how to get cheap flights, what stupid tourist mistakes you shouldn’t make, how to plan an epic road trip, and travel fitness tips.

Now it is your turn to start shooting.

Are you feeling inspired to go out and start having adventures of your own? If there is one thing these best travel vloggers will do is motivate you to plan a trip yourself. Starting your own personal travel vlog is just one way you can share your adventures with the world. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just begin filming, right here, right now. Over time you will learn your own personal travel style and be able to build your platform, right where you are. Don’t overthink it, just have fun and see just how endless the possibilities really are.

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