Are you shopping for the best breast pumps that travel well? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we'll take a look at the top ten best breast pumps, as well as a complete guide to choosing the best breast pump. There are so many benefits of buying a breast pump. The greatest advantage of using a breast pump is that you can breast pump milk for your child while at work or while you're away from your baby. It also allows your child to still drink breast milk even though you may not be around. If you travel a lot, it is important that you buy a breast pump that is designed for traveling well. Let's get started on taking a look at the top ten best breast pump options!

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Things To Consider When Shopping For The Best Breast Pump

There are many considerations you must keep in mind as you shop for the best breast pump. Not all breast pumps are created alike, so it is important that you take your time to choose the right one for you. Your breast pump should last for several years, so the comfortability and ease of use are important factors to consider. Let's take a look at the top considerations to ask yourself when shopping for the best breast pump. Be sure to keep these considerations in mind as you scroll through the top ten best breast pumps later in this article.

1. Which Type Will Work Best For You?

Many people assume that all breast pumps are made the same. However, this concept is not only false, but there are actually several different types of breast pumps that function differently. There are four main types of breast pumps: Manual breast pumps, single electric breast pumps, double electric breast pumps, and hospital-grade breast pumps. Each of these four types of breast pumps functions slightly differently from one another. Let's take a quick look at how each of these breast pumps work.

Manual Breast Pump

If you're looking for something that is portable, a manual breast pump may work best for you. As the name suggests, a manual breast pump must be operated manually. While this requires more labor for you, it also means that you don't need a power source. As a result, you can use this type of breast pump anywhere, whether you're at work, sitting on the couch, outside, or doing multiple tasks at once. Even though it takes longer to pump milk with a manual breast pump, you'll also be saving time because you don't have to sit in one location when your breast pump is on. All in all, this is the best breast pump for those who travel.

Single Electric Breast Pumps and Double Electric Breast Pumps

Single electric pumps and double electric pumps are similar to each other. They are run by a motor, which can be electric or battery-operated. Battery-operated breast pumps are obviously more portable, but electric may work well for you if you happen to have extra time before you're on the go. Double electric pumps, unlike single electric pumps, are designed to pump both breasts at once. Therefore, you'll save a lot of time since the breast pump will be pumping both of your breasts at the same time.

Hospital-Grade Breast Pump

The last type of breast pump is the hospital-grade breast pumps. Hospital-grade breast pumps are often used at hospitals, hence the name. These breast pumps usually have a bigger motor and pump more efficiently. This type, however, is the most expensive. Hospital-grade breast pumps can sometimes cost well over $1,000. Therefore, you may not want to purchase this type of breast pump if you're on a tight budget. Some people rent out or sell used hospital-grade breast pumps, but it is recommended to order new breast pumps so that they come with a warranty.

2. Do I Need A Double Breast Pump?

Once you have decided which type of breast pump you would like to buy, you'll need to consider if you need a double breast pump. Double breast pumps are nice because you can pump twice the amount of milk in the same amount of time. Also, if you have twins, double breast pumps allow you to pump enough milk for both of your babies. Double electric breast pumps are the most popular option for those who want a double breast pump, but you can also order a double manual breast pump or a double hospital-grade breast pump. Consider if you would like to invest in a double breast pump.

3. Is It Small Enough To Travel With?

When shopping for the best breast pumps that travel well, it is important that you choose a breast pump that is small enough to travel with. Some breast pumps can be large and bulky, especially hospital-grade breast pumps. If you plan on traveling a lot, you'll want a breast pump that is lightweight and compact.

4. Is The Breast Pump Durable?

Many breast pumps are designed for occasional use and not heavy usage. If you plan on using your breast pump a lot for several years, it is important that you purchase a breast pump that is durable. Otherwise, your breast pump may only last for a few months instead of several years.

5. Is The Breast Pump Covered By Insurance?

Many breast pumps are covered by insurance. This is nice because you won't have to pay for your breast pump. Instead, the breast pump will be covered by insurance. If your breast pump isn't covered by insurance, there is a way to make sure it is. First, you will need to call your insurance company and ask them what they cover. Some insurance companies will only cover certain types of pumps, such as electric pumps or manual pumps. Others only cover rental breast pumps. If your insurance company only covers rental breast pumps, be sure to ask how long you can rent a breast pump. Even though you may want your own breast pump, it may be a good idea to rent one if it is covered by insurance.

Once you find out what your insurance company will cover, you will need to ask them how you will get the breast pump. Most insurance plans will allow you to pick up any breast pump you want and then send them the receipt. However, some insurance companies may go through this process differently, so be sure to ask them. Note that some insurance companies will need you to go through a medical device company. If this is the case with your insurance company, you'll need to find a breast pump company and see if they take your insurance.

Next, you'll need to see what breast pumps you would qualify for. Once you get your breast pump covered by insurance, the breast pump should be handled between the insurance company and the medical device company. You won't have to worry about paying for your breast pump if it is covered by insurance.

Why Do I Need A Breast Pump?

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There are many reasons why you may want a breast pump. Working mothers probably use breast pumps the most, as it allows them to pump milk for their little one while they're on the go. However, there are many reasons why a breast pump is a good investment. Let's take a look at some reasons why you may want a breast pump.

1. Working Mothers Can Pump Milk For Their Baby While Away From Home

If you have to leave your baby when you go to work, a breast pump allows your baby to get the benefits of drinking breast milk even if you're away from home. Your baby will have to drink from a bottle instead of your breasts, but the milk will be the same.

2. If Your Breasts Are Engorged, A Breast Pump Will Help

Many mothers deal with engorged breasts. This means that your breasts will become engorged with milk and, if left unattended, will lead to mastitis. The first solution for “draining” your breasts is to breastfeed your baby more often. However, if this isn't an option, a breast pump allows you to remove enough breast milk from the breast so that you feel comfortable again. Even if you will be breastfeeding your baby, you may want a breast pump so that you can relieve engorged breasts.

3. If Your Baby Can't Breastfeed, A Breast Pump Allows You To Still Feed Your Baby Breast Milk

Some babies can't or simply won't nurse from your breasts. If your child can't or won't drink milk from your breasts, you may want to get a breast pump. Therefore, your child can drink from a bottle but still get the advantages of drinking breast milk.

Best Breast Pump Options That Travel Well

Now that we've gone over considerations and reasons to buy a breast pump, it is time to start shopping! Below, we'll take a look at the top ten best breast pump options available on the market. Remember to keep the considerations that I mentioned earlier in mind as you take a look at these breast pump options. Let's get started.


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Looking for a compact and lightweight breast pump that is easy to travel with? Check out this breast pump by Philips Avent. You can choose from 3 expression settings (low, medium, high) after starting in the gentle stimulation mode. This is a double breast pump, so you can pump both breasts at once. This product comes with a soft massage cushion with comfort petals to gently stimulate milk flow by mimicking your baby's natural suckling patterns. It also comes with power cushions for additional suction. The quiet, efficient pump allows you to have a comfortable pumping position due to the unique no lean forward design. It is BPA-free, making it safe for your baby to drink the milk. All in all, this is a great product to try if you're interested in a double breast pump that is easy to travel with.


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Once again, this is a double electric breast pump, which allows you to pump both of your breasts at once. Engineered with 2-Phase Expression technology and one-touch letdown button, the Medela Freestyle was designed for working moms who need to breast pump several times a day. This breast pump is compact and lightweight. It can easily be stored and carried in the included bag. This breast pump is also a hands-free breast pump, meaning you can be breast pumping while doing other tasks. The adjustable speed and vacuum combinations with memory capabilities provide the ability to personalize and record pumping sessions based on your preference. Overall, the Medela Freestyle Mobile Double Electric Breast Pump is a great option to try.

[amazon link=”B0006HBS1M” title=”3. MEDELA HARMONY MANUAL BREAST PUMP” /]

[amazon box=”B0006HBS1M” /]

If you are interested in buying a manual breast pump, you may want to try the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump. This breast pump features a soft-touch, ergonomic swivel handle for enhanced comfort. It resembles a baby’s natural nursing rhythm for improved comfort and efficiency. Because this is a manual breast pump, you will have to manually pump your milk. Therefore, you won't need it to be connected to anything, but it will take longer to pump the milk. The manually controlled vacuum on this breast pump allows you to adjust the suction. Once the milk starts to flow, you can switch to the longer side of the handle. This creates a slower sucking cycle to express the majority of your milk. All in all, this is a great breast pump to try.


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The Momcozy Electric Double Breast Pump features a lightweight design and USB charger, which can be charged by power bank or computer. Because it is an automatic battery-powered breast pump, you can take it with you when you are on the go. The massage mode helps to stimulate breast milk secretion. After having the massage mode on for a little while, you can slowly switch to pumping mode. The pumping level is adjustable from 1 to 16, which allows you to choose which level will fit your needs. A nice feature is the memory function that will remember what your most often used mode is. Therefore, you won't have to waste time trying to find the level you like.

Made from Food Grade Silicone and BPA free medical-grade material, this product is completely safe to use. The inner valve features an anti-backflow design to keep it fresh, allowing it to be safe for both you and your baby. Another nice feature is that this breast pump is extremely quiet. The volume is controlled under 50dB, so you don't have to worry about it bothering other people in the room. This is one of the best breast pump options to choose from if you want something that travels well. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to travel with.


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This next breast pump is a double electric pump, but it is also considered a hospital-grade breast pump. It has three pumping styles and eight suction levels to choose from. It is a double breast pump, so you can pump milk from both of your breasts at once. As you are pumping milk, you can pump directly into Lansinoh milk bags. This breast pump also has a hygienic closed system that prevents breastmilk from getting stuck in the tubing or motor. Therefore, you won't have to worry about dealing with mold and bacteria buildup. The Lansinoh double electric breast pump is built for comfort. It includes breast cups with soft rims, Lansinoh baby bottles, and bottle nipples. This product can be used with breast pump bras. This breast pump is BPS and BPA free. All in all, this is a great product to choose from.


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Shopping for the best breast pump that is easy to travel with and safe for your baby? Check out this breast pump. Made from food-grade silicone, this breast pump doesn't contain harmful substances. The bottle can be completely disassembled and cleaned without any blind corners. Therefore, mold and bacteria buildup will never be a problem. The inner valve has an anti-backflow design to protect milk from getting stuck in the parts and causing mold to develop. You won't have to worry about this breast pump being loud either, as it operates very quietly. Another nice feature is the LCD Blu-Ray digital display that allows you to see the screen clearly at night. Its sensitive touch screen is easier to use than buttons, making this breast pump one of the easiest breast pumps to operate.

This breast pump features three modes. These modes include massage mode, suction mode, and bionic mode. The pneumatic pulse technology controls the pneumatic scaling rhythm of the suction cup, simulates the frequency and action of baby's sucking, as well as massages the areola to secrete milk. The soft breast cushion massages the areola to make you feel comfortable while pumping milk. It also makes these breast pumps more secure. This breast pump features a built-in battery and USB cable. You can charge this breast pump just about anywhere. If you are shopping for a compact and lightweight breast pump that you can travel with, this product may fit your needs.


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The Babytec breast pump features a closed system, keeping the pump clean and free of mold. The anti-backflow design lets breast milk go directly into the bottle instead of into the tube and motor. This breast pump has four modes and 16 levels to choose from. Therefore, you can decide which level or mode you need as you use this breast pump. This breast pump is very quiet to use, making it a great option if you plan on using it at work or while your baby is sleeping.

The large LED touchable screen makes it easy for you to operate this breast pump, whether it is during the day or at night. In addition to this, it is also very easy to clean this double breast pump. The entire pump can be disassembled, allowing you to clean every inch of it. This USB charging breast pump is equipped with a big capacity lithium battery. Overall, the Babytec Double Electric Breast Pump is a great option.


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The Medela Pump in Style is designed for daily use. It has patented, research-based 2-Phase Expression technology which produces more milk in less time, making this quicker and easier to use than most breast pumps. This breast pump comes with a backpack that you can use to store all of the breast pump supplies in. As a result, you'll always stay organized, even when away from home. A nice feature of the breast pump is the single knob adjustable speed and vacuum, as well as the set of PersonalFit Breast Shield sizes. Furthermore, this breast pump comes with a removable cooler bag that holds a contoured ice pack and 4 breast milk bottles. Therefore, your bottles of milk will stay cool even when you're away from home.


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This breast pump features four modes and nine levels of suction for choice. It will massage and stimulate your breasts before pumping, making your experience with this breast pump pain-free. This product is battery-operated, making it easy to travel with. It is also lightweight and compact. This is a double electric breast pump, so you can pump both of your breasts at the same time. The screen is easy to operate, as it does not have any buttons but instead is a touch-sensitive screen. It is easy to read in the dark, which is a nice and useful feature. All in all, the Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump is a great breast pump to consider purchasing.

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This breast pump is built with 100% BPA free medical-grade material. The inner valve has an anti-backflow design that protects milk from getting into the tubing. Therefore, you don't have to worry about mold or bacteria developing. The bottle can be disassembled and cleaned without any blind corners. The exhaust film completely isolates the air from the emulsion to avoid bacteria breeding. With this breast pump, you can easily adjust the pump level from levels 1 to 9. The massage function makes breast pumping more enjoyable and less awkward. This product comes with a 24-month warranty. Overall, this is a great product to try.

How Should I Travel With Breast Milk?

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If you plan on breast pumping as you travel, you'll need to find a way to travel with the breast milk. It is important that you store the breast milk correctly so that it stays cool. Freshly expressed breast milk can only be stored in the back of the refrigerator for up to five days in clean conditions, and will only last up to four hours when stored in room temperature. Therefore, it is important that you store it immediately after breast pumping and then give it to your child within a few days. Below, let's take a look at some tips for traveling with breast milk.

1. Bring Along A Cooler With Freezer Packs

The best way to store breast milk while traveling is to bring along a cooler with freezer packs. This will keep your breast milk cool for about 24 hours as long as the cooler stays between 5 and 39 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need to keep your breast milk cool for under 24 hours, a cooler is definitely a good option.

2. Plug In A Car Cooler

If you will be traveling by car, a car cooler could be a good investment for you. A car cooler plugs into the outlet of your car and will keep the milk cool as long as the cooler remains plugged in.

3. Store It In Your Hotel Refrigerator

If you'll be spending a night or two in a hotel without your baby, you may want to store the breast milk in the hotel's refrigerator. This will keep the milk from going bad before your child can drink it. Ask ahead of time if the hotel where you will be staying has a refrigerator. If it doesn't, you may need to use a plug-in cooler instead. Keep in mind that breast milk that is stored in the refrigerator can still go bad quickly. After five days of being in the refrigerator, the breast milk will no longer be safe for your child to drink.

4. Ship The Breast Milk Back Home

If you will be away from home for a long period of time and will not be near a refrigerator or freezer, it may be a good idea to ship your breast milk back home. You can ship breast milk via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Be sure to call them ahead of time to learn about their regulations. Ask them what kind of ice you can use when shipping the milk. While dry ice keeps the milk cool, it is also considered dangerous. If you are allowed to ship it with dry ice, make sure you keep it in a ventilated area and wrap your milk bags in newspapers. The dry ice can damage the plastic bags, so the newspapers will prevent the containers from becoming ruined.

Can I Bring Breast Milk On An Airplane?

You may have heard stories about how breast milk and breast pumps aren't allowed on planes. The good news is that you can indeed bring your breast pump and breast milk on planes, but the airport security will still need to do screening on your breast milk. While screening is completely safe for the milk, if you'd rather not have that done, you can opt for an alternative form of screening. Such an alternative includes where they take a test strip and test the milk. If you'd prefer this to also not be done, they can leave the milk unopened, but you'll have to go through more intense screening.

When traveling with breast milk on an airplane, you'll want to keep the milk cool. Ice packs, gel packs, or other similar cooling accessories are permitted in your carry-on. It is recommended to have them be frozen solid so that you don't have to go through additional screening. Slushy or partially frozen accessories are still permitted but can be subject to additional screening.

As for traveling with the breast pump itself, there are no prohibited breast pump parts on airplanes. That said, there is no specific Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allowance waiving your breast pump bag as one of your carry-ons. Most airlines will classify breast pumps as a “medical device” and will not count it toward your carry-on limit. They may, however, count your cooler. For more information, contact your local airline (or whatever airline you'll be using) to find out more about how you can travel with breast milk and breast pumps.

Best Breast Pump Conclusion

I hope this article has helped answer all of your questions about breast pumps. Breast pumps are great for working mothers or mothers who simply can't be around their child all the time. While your baby will need to drink from a bottle, he or she can still get the benefits of drinking breast milk. There are four main types of breast pumps: Manual breast pumps, single electric breast pumps, double electric breast pumps, and hospital-grade breast pumps. Electric breast pumps are commonly used by mothers who travel, but manual breast pumps don't require any power source.

In this article, I went over the top ten best breast pump options to consider buying. I also went over a complete guide for choosing the best breast pump to fit your needs, as well as tips for traveling with your breast pump and breast milk. While some people assume that traveling with breast milk is difficult, it is actually fairly easy. Just make sure you keep the milk cool and have your child drink it within a few days. All in all, traveling with a breast pump is easy as long as you choose a pump that fits your needs and have all the accessories that you need (a cooler, ice pack, etc.). I hope this article has answered all of your questions. Happy pumping!