Our Mission

Trekbible was built on a passion for travel. The world has so much goodness to offer and we want to discover and experience every single corner, and then share it with you. We'll be your guide for everything from traveling tips and guides, to culture highlights, to travel accommodations and deals, to amazing attractions around the world, and more. If you love exploring the world as much as we do, you've come to the right place. Join us in celebrating the world through travel!

Our Team

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Arliss Veldhuizen

Arliss, Managing Editor here at trekbible as well a social media editor at IncomeStore. She is also a writer and aspiring novelist. Arliss has family all over the world including the Ivory Coast, Denmark, Germany, and the Dominican Republic, a fact that greatly contributes to her passion for travel and culture. 

Ella Kim

Ella, Content Manager for trekbible, is a writer and content specialist with a predilection for learning and exploring new places and cultures around the world. With family scattered throughout the U.S. and South Korea, she loves to see cross-cultural influences around the world. Her favorite thing to do on her travels is to taste the local cuisine of each destination.

Faith Walls

Faith is a writer and social media manager residing in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is passionate about people and currently attends university in pursuit of a degree in Clinical Psychology and Counseling. A nomad by nature, Faith finds utmost joy in trekking around the globe and strongly advocates backpacking as the best way to explore anywhere. Being a bookworm and an avid coffee drinker, she is likely to be found sipping an Americano and mulling over a classic novel.

Meghan Ochs

Meghan loves writing in all forms. In her free time, she alternates between reading and daydreaming about publishing her own novels someday. While she’s only visited two countries, she wants to travel around the world, with France and Spain the first sites on her list. Before that happens, though, she plans on adopting at least one dog from a local animal shelter.

Lauren Nowack

Lauren is a trekbible writer and story maker from Pine Valley, California. She and her husband work in the recreation department at a camp. In their free time, they enjoy mountain biking, building out their Sprinter van, and adventuring with their new puppy, Shadow.

Alison Walsh

Alison enjoys writing, traveling and teaching. She's traveled lots throughout Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, the Caribbean and much of America, and loves the chance to meet people from all over.

Danielle Dougall

Danielle Dougall is a photographer, avid writer, and traveler. Hailing from the rainy city of Seattle, WA she now lives in southern California where she enjoys longboarding, hiking, coffee shop hopping, and dreaming up destinations for her next international trip.

Ariana Jade (AJ)

AJ is a full-time content creator, administrative assistant, and dog mom. She is also currently in university studying to achieve her Masters in Business Administration. A native of Virginia Beach, she loves the ocean and the fresh outdoors. AJ enjoys clean and bright design elements, good conversation, and great coffee.

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